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  • [Chat] Get it done!

    With the recent post by the CM asking for feedback it made me think... Why doesn't Disney address these issues?!? I am an AP holder and every year contemplate not renewing. Then I begin to ask, if Disney expects me to fork over the cash for an AP ( along with my wife, son, parents, cousins, and siblings) why are they not forking over the cash to upgrade. (And upgrade without price increasing again). Why not upgrade Tomorrowland, frontierland and other things here and there and then take a deep breath and relax. They seem to drag out the things that need to be done.

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    Re: Get it done!

    There is a difference between need and want. Just because we want it doesn't mean Disney needs it.
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      Re: Get it done!

      It seems to me Disney just forked over a huge amount to upgrade DCA in a very big way.


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        Re: Get it done!

        Originally posted by Cjedwards44 View Post
        With the recent post by the CM asking for feedback it made me think... Why doesn't Disney address these issues?!?
        Because Disney's customers keep telling Disney in the only language it understands, the language of profits, that these issues aren't a problem -- that higher ticket prices, lower customer service, increasing crowds, lackluster creativity, endless brand marketing, unimaginative merchandise and a management that treats its Cast Members as a necessary evil, aren't going to stop them from lining up at the gates, eagerly waving their wallets.

        The only time in the last decade that Disney's customers said "No" in numbers large enough to get management's attention was with DCA 1.0, which is why management finally and reluctantly had to man up and fix it -- ten years after the fact.

        The issues being discussed in the thread you mentioned are low-or non-priority for Disney Corp. What's important to Disney is milking more profits from their current assets (i.e. with their billion-dollar NextGen initiative) and acquiring more brands (Marvel and Lucas), not fixing eyesores like Tomorrowland.

        Every time someone spends a dollar on a Disney park, it's a vote of "Yes" for Disney Corp to continue doing what it has done for the last decade. Customers voting with their wallets is the only thing Disney hears -- and currently those Yes votes are overwhelming.
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          Re: Get it done!

          OP they spent the last 5 years and about a billion and a half dollars getting DCA up to par! Carsland is probably the biggest project they done alone since opening DCA. Does that not count at all?

          There is only so much money and investment they can do at a time. Yes if they built DCA right from the beginning maybe things would be different today and DL would be more invested but thats another thread. I give them credit for actually doing what you said they arent and really fixing a park that people moaned on the internet for years needs fixing.

          But I said this before, but people cant think in terms of one park! Its a resort now and with that an investment anywhere is a investment for the resort. Hopefully DL will get more in time, but DCA 2.0 is not even a year old yet! It takes time.

          And yes, if they devote hundreds of millions to do it, you have to expect your AP, tickets and hotel prices to go up as well. Thats how it works.


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            Re: Get it done!

            Did they not just spend a Billion dollars (literally) rebuilding half of DCA?

            They obviously had the money to spend, and looked at the two parks and saw which one needed more help at the moment - the one guests and APers have been complaining about since the day it opened. They've done a good job overall. I can actually spend a whole day in DCA now and keep busy the whole time.

            Another MCer said that the DCA remake and CarsLand probably taught Disney that if you want to make improvements and see a return on your investment, you go all out, and not peice-meal.

            I suspect that we'll see more major work on DL in 2014-2015, after BTMRR finishes it's refurb and Disney's cash reserves have regenerated, and just in time for the 60th anniversary. Even a company as big as Disney doesn't have an unlimited budget.


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