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  • [Question] Question for Collectors

    Does anyone have information on the Golden Screams Award? My daughter won one of these several years ago, and Im having trouble finding them, much less information on how many were awarded, or what theyre worth. Hers has been kept in the box and opened only twice, but she has no interest in parting with it for now. I was able to find this one photo, but the poster is just displaying his own collection, so theres no real information on it. Surely someone knows something!

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    Re: Question for Collectors

    Golden Screams was a HalloweenTime event held in the Golden Dreams Theater (now gone, the facade has become part of Ariel's Undersea Adventure).

    The show ran five times a day and participants were awarded the Golden Screams award with Chernabog on it as you've pictured (some sites report a button was awarded). So since it was a free giveaway and there were many presented (at least five a day), I wouldn't think it would have much value except for crazy Disney collectors like ourselves, at which case it is whatever the market will bear.


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