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Easy way to sit front row center at Magical Map Show Lie

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  • News Easy way to sit front row center at Magical Map Show Lie

    I have been to the Mickey and the Magical Map show several times. Often to get up front and take photos.

    The front row center section has handicapped signs on each end. This was unmonitered in the beginning

    When waiting for the show the people with a GAC are escorted to a seperate waiting section. But, when they open up for guests to enter, they have not placed anyone in the front row. Now they have a cast member to moniter the empty front row center.

    What guests do is just walk down to the empty front row center seats and sit down. Then act like an A**H***. A Cast member than tells tham it is reserved for Handicapped only. Replys that I have heard. "Well there are no Handicapped here, we do not need to move.", "Do not understand english" (Then as soon as the Cast member moves away, they continue conversing in perfect english and laughing it up,), "I am saving the seats for my friends"?? (No further explanation.) . The Cast member than replies: OK, but if any Handicapped arrive you will have to move. In all cases they were allowed to stay, and several waved to their friends to join them just before the show started. Because the front row is now full the Cast Members helping the people who deserved the consideration, see the section full and place them in the back !!!!

    Disney needs to allow people with GAC's early access and the option to be seated front row center before others are allowed in. Or, not allow non-GAC guests to remain there until the GAC holders have a chance to sit there.

    Until then, just walk front and center, sit down, and refuse to move. It's allowed everytime.


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