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Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

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  • [Question] Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

    So, I am a guy and I am turning 18(I know, a totally masculine birthday), and I talked my parents into disneyland for those two days.

    I have gone 5 or 6 times, most with camps, and two with family.

    I was wondering if these days are going to be super crowded.

    Also, what should I do during that day?

    Is ridemax any good?



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    Re: Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

    August 16th and August 17th fall during Disneyland's busy season, and one of those days is a Saturday, so yes, it will be crowded. Both days the park is open until 11 instead of midnight, so the crowds won't be "as large" as the week before. The good news is the Southern California annual passes are blocked on both days, so that will help lessen the crowds. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the only scheduled refurbishment at this time, so that will make it more likely that you get to enjoy all of the rides that you want to.

    As for Ride Max, it really depends on what you are looking for. To me, a trip to Disneyland is about doing the things I most want to do, not trying to do everything. With a little bit of research online, some knowledge about the Fast Pass system, and prioritizing the things that you really want to do, you don't need a program like Ride Max to get you through the day at Disneyland. If you are someone who is into ultra planning and likes every second of every day planned out before you do it, and you like to follow a schedule, then Ride Max is perfect for you. It really depends on what you are looking for. Ride Max is a great system, if that is how you want to experience Disneyland.


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      Re: Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

      On busy days you're best bet is to get up as early as possible and get into the park and ride the big rides early. If you're staying on-site and have access to early entry (Magic Mornings, or whatever it's called) then so much the better. Look around this forum and you'll find umpteen threads about how to do Cars Land and FastPasses, which will be valid advice for any time of the year, really, since it's pretty busy year-round at DLR.


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        Re: Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

        I don't think you need Ridemax. Check out some books from the library on Disneyland. Even Frommer's and Fodor's have them I think.

        Along with that read sites such as this, tripadvisor and the Disneyland official site.

        The advice given is good. Get there early & have your first 5 rides of the day chosen when you get there. Those are the most important times--if you get several of your "must do" rides checked off your list you will be less stressed the rest of the day!
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          Re: Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

          I think ridemax is well worth it. It's not expensive. You can get in rides in the morning then do what you like. You can follow it for a day if you like and do a lot of rides then freestyle it the rest of your days if you like. I love it and with four kids we did everything we would like to ride the. Did what we wanted. I will use ridemax whenever I go from now on. I used it at the end of may and it worked a treat. I used it in the morning then did what I wanted In the evening.


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            Re: Going to disneyland aug 16-17th. Questions.

            I've never used RideMax or TouringPlans, as I'm usually in the parks for 12-14 hrs and there's only two of us, so we always get in what we want to while utilizing the FP. What has helped enormously is using the MouseWait app; then as we're getting off a ride we can see what has the shortest waits (including restaurants) or if our time to get another FP is up, we can see what rides have an earlier FP return time.

            Also, as you know being from SoCal, it will most likely be very, very hot those two days, so drink lots of water and take shady breaks. I really enjoy taking a break at the Golden Horseshoe as its air conditioned and its never busy when we're there.


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