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Hey, so how much are Princess dresses?

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  • [Question] Hey, so how much are Princess dresses?

    I haven't been in a while and I was wondering if anyone knows how much the Princess dresses for little girls are at the parks now. I know that Disney is banking on my inability to say no, so I'd like to prep myself for the sitcker shock ahead of time. I was thinking of buying one at Target and keeping it with me to pull out right when she starts begging me to get one.

    Do they do the makeovers at the new Fantasy Faire now?

    Thanks gang!

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    Re: Hey, so how much are Princess dresses?

    ORWEN: I would NEVER pay such sky high prices for those princess dresses! I mean, why spend all that money on something you're going to outgrow in another year or two? Instead, I'm waiting for my fairy godmother to come back from a l-o-n-g vacation so I can hit her up for a totally FREE princess gown! (After all, that's what Cinderella did and it didn't cost her one red cent!)


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      Re: Hey, so how much are Princess dresses?

      The Disney Parks dresses are about $69.95. They still do the makeovers at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
      We have several of the Parks dresses (fortunately for DD, she has a cousin who has an Aunt that is a Disney Executive in FL, so she has had several BBB Castle makeovers). We have inherited some and have purchased a couple too. The dresses at the Disney Store are nice too. I avoid purchasing her princess dresses anywhere else because the quality is so definitely get what you pay for.
      I found a seller on ebay who sells the Disney Parks dresses for about $40 + shipping. That's who I go to if DD wants a Park dress. PM if you are interested in her info.


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        Re: Hey, so how much are Princess dresses?

        I can confirm that the dresses in the park are $69.95. I wouldn't say that the quality is any better than any of the dresses we purchased from online Halloween costume stores. In fact, I think the Belle dress we bought for our last trip was of better quality than the one in the park.

        If money isn't an issue, then buy it at the park. Otherwise if you know which princess she would like to be I suggest you look online for an alternative.
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