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A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

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  • Trip Report A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

    Before I get into my report I just want to say that sorry for most of my miss spell words when I do these reports. I was never good in spelling at school and it kind of runs in my family. So now that this is out of the way here we go.

    I when to Disneyland around 3pm I wanted to see Tink and the other fairies but didn't get in the park in time to see them send they close Pixie Hollow at 3:15 so instade I when on to New Orleans to see my friend Princess Tiana. I had to fight my way to get over there by the time I got there it was a little bit after 3:30 and I didn't see her out only Jack Skeleton and Sally. So I ask one of the CM there and she told me that she was going to be at The Royal Hall today but she wasn't to sure for how much longer. I thank the CM and when strage to the Royal Hall. When I got to the Hall it wasn't that bad of a line about 25 min wait but once I got inside the line wasn't what you call moving cause the parade was starting by the castle and I think when the parade starts they don't really let people in cause of how the Princess are sopost to be in the parade and well to lillte kids it would make them question on why there is more then one of the same Princess out. So once that the Princess music and folat when by they where letting people in again. I would say it took me about 10 mins before I when in to see my first Princess who I was wishing that one of them be my friend Princess Tiana. When I was let in it was my new friend Ariel or as I call her to myself Ariel 2. When she saw me I told her see I told you that I don't always where the Ariel Mickey ears all the time. She was like I see and then she when on and said you should of got the Urusla ears. I said to her I haven't seen them. She then said you know I like teasing you. I said I know and I love to tease her. She was getting ready for picture when she said my photo camera guy is not here nobody ever likes me. Then I said the last time you saw me when my Ariel hat on Cruella saw it to and didn't like it. Ariel said you know Cruella doesn't like me at all. She said the last time she was on Main Street Cruella was making fun of me saying that I smell and stuff like that. Ariel then said that she doesn't smell she always in the water. I then said you know it is funny when I first came here I saw Cruella in front and Donald had came out and the next thing I saw was Cruella taking Donald's arm and started to walk with him to the front of the gates to Disneyland. Then Ariel said that proffs it that she dosen't like me.

    After we have are talk we then got in are photo together

    After the picture I said my goodbye to her and gave her a hug and may my way to the next Princess. Who was Cinderella she saw me and said hello to me and how my day was. I told her that I just got here so I'm just getting started. So then we took are place for picture.

    Next came up was Princess Aurora She said hello to me and how my day was. Then we took some photos.

    So after I got Aurora I leaved and I stay by the Royal Hall so I can try again to see my friend Princess Tiana. I stay out for about 30 mins figure that be enough time for the Princess to change around when I got in line the line was bad at all more like a 10 min wait this time when I was let in I was let in on the left side this time so I was hoping that I would get Tiana. The first Princess I saw on that side was another friend of mine Princess Aurora 7. (To let you all know I have about 8 differnt Princess Aurora friends some still at Disney and some no longer there.) When she saw me she said how have you been haven't seen you in sometime. I said I have been very good that for me it also has been some time send I saw her. She also said to me that I see you got a new backpack. I said to her yeah my other one broke have had it for a long time. So then she gave me a hug and we then took some pictures together like old time.

    After seeing my friend and saying goodbye up next was Cinderella she seem to remember me but I don't remember her. She said to me hello and how am I. I said been good.

    After seeing Cinderella I when on to hopelly see Tiana which turn out that it wasn't her but Ariel. She saw my shirt and said to me that she like it and then we took some pictures.

    So after seeing Ariel I when on to the villians over at Thunder Range this was around 4:45 I wanted to see Capt. Hook cause I have a photo that I wanted him to sign. Once I got to Thunder Range the line to the villians was long all the way to the entrest to the place it took me util 6 to finally get to go in. Once I got to go in I waited to see if Hook was the one coming out. When to spell that was cast was done and the smoke clear I found that it wasn't him but Maleficent. So when I saw her come out I turn around and leave cause I really wanted to see Hook and not Maleficent send she isn't my favorite like she is with alot of you people I have never like her. So once I leaved been sad I figure I just go back to Royal Hall to hopelly to chree up some. I was hoping my Ariel would be back send I had fun early with her. So after I got back there with the line about 20 mins this time and when I was let in and when on the right side again I knew I got my friend again. So this time I was teasing her there is a poll inside the place where to walk in to see the Princess so what I did wild Ariel was talking to this little girl. I blend right in the poll where she wouldn't see me. Once the little girl left I took my camera and to a pic of Ariel without me showing myself or at less I try to.

    Ariel said I can see you I started laughing she then said you are back. I said yeah this beening my third time here. She said 3 times already I said yeah she then said what did you do send I saw you last time. I told her I when over to see the villians I wanted to see Hook but Maleficent came out. She gave me this look like ulgy I don't like Maleficent I said I don't either never been a fan of her. I wanted to see Hook she then said Hook is not nice either he try to grab me one time with a fish poll. I was like he isn't that bad he is my favorite Villian out of all Disney Villians. Then she said what about Urusla she is my favorite. I said to Ariel wiat she try to take your voice and before I finish she gave me this big smile and said I'm teasing you. You know we are big teasers to each other. Wild we where getting waiting for are photo I said to Ariel you really got me there. She said to me yeah I really did this time.

    So after the photo Ariel ask me what I will be doing next I told her well after here I'm going to have dinner and then break my record of coming here. I said I usely come here 2 to 3 times so I will try number 4. She then well I will see you later then. SO next up was Cinderella again she said your back again I said yeah and I told her that I was going to try coming back here again for my 4th time.

    So after seeing Cinderella I move on to Princess Aurora and she was surprice to see me again and said welcome back again. I said thanks.

    So after I leave I wanted to get to Ariel again to tease her some more so I when to the store that is next to the meet and greet and I was looking at the stuff there to see what I can do I saw this Ariel crown there I saw the price I figure it was to much so I leave it there when and have dinner at the mexican place to have dinner when I was eatting a friend had call me and so I told him I was going back to the Royal Hall to see Ariel again. So after I got off the phone and finish my food I when back to the store and got the crown. So once I got it I when in line to see Ariel my friend didn't show up right away cause the 6:30 parade was going and well u know how the place is when the parade is going. So I was just about to go in and my friend show up and then we when in. He was first to go in so it gave me a few mins to change my hat to the Ariel crown. When he was done talking to Ariel it was my turn as soon as Ariel saw me she started laughing and said first you have my hat now you have my crown what else do you have I said this is it. I told her that I just got it when I leave here. She then well the next thing you need it fins I said I can't there to small for me she said there is big ones out there. I told her that I even work at a toy store and there to small there. But then she said you can but what color do you want them. I said well blue is my favorite color my friend said well it will match your color. Ariel then said to him it wouldn't match my dress is teal and blue. Then she got him ask him what color he would want. He said red. Then she said that would match my hair. So then she wanted both of us taken a photo together. (Do to my friend's request I can't show you the photo between him and me together but I do have some with me and Ariel.)

    After the photo I said goodbye to Ariel and tell her a good night. She gave me a hug back. So I when on to see Cinderella again and she said welcome back to me.

    Samething happen with Aurora saying hello again.

    After we leave my friend wanted to go one more time to see if he can get anyone eles. So I when in as well for my 5th time. When we when in the line wasn't moving at all so we figure they where changing characters when we did go in we where on the right again and are filling came ture they did change and the first one that was up was yet another friend of mine Cinderella 2 she always calls me Prince Jeffrey. When she saw me she said I see you got your warm jacket on now to looks like Princess Elsa is letting the cold in. I said yeah she is. She slso as me how have I been I said good. Then she took my arm and we took our picture and then after woulds I gave her a hug and said goodnight to her.

    I move on to the next room and when I walk in it was Jasmine that was there which was a change. She said hello to me and how my day has been I told her been very fun. We then took our picture.

    After I leave I when on to see my 8th Aurora she said hello my friend how have you been I said I have been good and then we took out picture.

    After seeing Aurora I may it a night send the Royal Hall was close for the night. This was my most funist day at Disneyland that I had with my Ariel she really may my day that. I will never forget this day with her so this ends another trip report from me.

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    Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

    Very nice trip report, as always. I'm wondering. since the meet and greet is indoors, is it really necessary for the princesses to wear "cold-weather" dresses? I really don't think they're nearly as attractive as their regular gowns.

    No matter where you go, there you are.


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      Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

      Nice report Hook, I wish all the princesses knew me by name!


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        Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

        Originally posted by sbk1234 View Post
        Very nice trip report, as always. I'm wondering. since the meet and greet is indoors, is it really necessary for the princesses to wear "cold-weather" dresses? I really don't think they're nearly as attractive as their regular gowns.
        Yes they do it is very cold inside there that is why you saw me on the last few photos with my jacket on. They have the AC on in there so that is why you saw them with there winter coats on.


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          Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

          Maybe Disney should just turn the AC off, happier cast members and cheaper to run, oh wait, that makes too much sense

          Anyway great trip report as always


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            Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

            Very nice, Capt! Wow, you visited the Princesses a lot yesterday, haven't you? It seems that Ariel will be your new favorite Disney Princess, right?
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            - From "Prep And Landing"


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              Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

              Well I was planing one of these days of just going to one character all day long of getting nothing but pictures of that character without seeing any of character but I didn't think it would be this soon. So I guess you could say my Ariel was the one I stay with the most from the time I got there. even though I when in there 5 times and only saw her 3 out of the 5 along with the Cinderella & Princess Aurora that was with her in the same room I did my gold you could say. :lol:


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                Re: A 2nd Capt. Hook Trip Report in one month for Oct. 27, 2013 Ariel may my day.

                good trip report thanks


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