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Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

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  • [Idea] Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

    I think Redd Rocket's Pizza port should be re-themed. It's just too lame... If it had PeopleMover cars or the Rocket Rods or anything you can interact with, COOL! But i think it should be like Pizza Planet.
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    Re: Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

    Soon to be Pizza the Hutt when Disney buys the Spaceballs franchise.
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      Re: Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

      Well, it and Innoventions are the last vestiges of the 98 Tomorrowland, and they both need to go. Also, the food needs to be improved as well. I'd be happy with a generic spaceport kind of tied into Space Mountain. Being in Tomorrowland, it definitely needs to have touchscreens for you to order from at a minimum. A 3-D printer that gives the illusion that it "prints" (really a CM behind the scenes makes your food) your food would be fun too.
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        Re: Redd Rocket's Pizza Port.

        I'm surprised that they have yet to retheme the restaurant to Pizza Planet from Toy Story. That would be a no-brainer considering they want to Disney-fy everything.

        WDW has a Pizza Planet but it's a complete joke. I can't even describe it. You just have to be there to know that it deserves and "F" in theming.


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