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Travelling in February 06

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  • Travelling in February 06

    I am wondering in the 50th anniversayry celebrations will still be on in Feb 06. Thats when we can go.


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    I've heard a few different stories on the exact dates, but it will start on 5/5/05 & last either through all of 2006 or until July 17, 2006 when the park turns 51. Either way, February 2006 will be included .

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      Yep remember 18 month celebration. That won't even be a year.


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        yup, you are good, I it is indeed an 18 month celebration!!



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          Wow... you're really planning ahead there! We started planning our July 2005 trip (my first!) a couple of months ago, and I thought that was too far ahead... I'm actually kinda nervous about being there for the 50th... and durring the summer no less... I'm sure it will be super crowded... but it will be worth it!


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