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Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

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  • Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

    i just got back from disneyland. i went alone, but it was fun. wow was it crowded. even as i drove into the mickey and friends parking structure, they had the LED sign out there saying that "disneyland is very busy, please plan your day". o jeez, i thought.

    20 minutes later, i had parked my car. in the very end of row 3

    so i finally got down the escalator (sp?) and saw this :

    so, needless to say. i walked.

    i finally got in the park. the lines werent long at all. the basic 5-10 minute wait.

    took some shots of main street :

    i went over to pirates to see the wait time. 45 minutes i am a little sad i didnt get to ride it the last day it was open before it closes, but i decided that i wanted to remember it in all it's glory and not see it with all the pirates missing.

    i then walked around and took some good character pictures :

    a nice shot of the castle:

    the "happiest turkeys on earth" :

    spring was certainly in the air :

    all that in 2 1/2 hours

    *side note : a little over a week ago i started a thread about a pesky pin lady who told me the pin i wanted didnt exist and it was a pin i needed to go along with my set...well i found it...just thought i'd add that*

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    Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

    Very nice pictures!! thank you Now I know what to expect in crowds when I go


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      Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

      Originally posted by ~*~Aniko~*~
      *side note : a little over a week ago i started a thread about a pesky pin lady who told me the pin i wanted didnt exist and it was a pin i needed to go along with my set...well i found it...just thought i'd add that*
      Haha just goes to show that CM's don't always know what they're talking about.

      Some nice pictures- I especially like the characters! Looks like Sundays are still packing in quite a crowd too.


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        Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

        Great Pics!!!

        What a difference a couple days and some rain make. Pirates was EMPTY on Friday for a short time. Average wait time Friday pm was 3-4 minutes. Walked right on to the trams too. More rain tomorrow! Hmmm...maybe I should go back....


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          Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

          Great pictures, as usual!

          Glad to hear that you got your pin.



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            Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

            I was at the parks as well today, we got to Disneyland around 7:45 and were there at park opening so we did pretty much everything we wanted to do (Blue Ribbon Bakery [which usually has an outrageous line within 30 minutes of park opening all the way to park closing] Space Mountain, Buzz, Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Pirates). Afterwards we went to DCA (around 10:30) and hit up the Tower twice with basically no wait, California Screamin and Mullholland Madness. Then we went back to Disneyland and did Space Mountain Mountain with Fast Passes we had got earlier. Then we were completely burned out by 1. The shuttle to our place didn't arrive until 1:50 so we rode the train around a complete grand-circle-tour and then headed to our shuttle.

            It did get pretty crowded. Buzz was at a 45-minute wait around 1pm. Star Tours had its extended queue open, but it wasn't really needed, butn probably had been needed earlier. but despite the park being pretty full, your pictures seem to show more people than I seemed to notice.

            Maybe in just too tired still from all-day at DL yesterday as well... :ap:

            Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!

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              Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

              ORWEN: Oh, how I love pictures from Disneyland!! Especially when they include photos of the characters including the princesses!!


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                Re: Trip Report 3/5 *pictures*

                I'm loving all these sping-ified pictures. The gardens of Disneyland seem to be especially beautiful at the moment.

                Thankfully, the only time I saw crowds that big was on a Saturday night after Fantastic. If I'd had to "plan my day" around that during my only trip, then I would have been mightily peeved.

                Still, hard to complain with weather like that!
                I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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