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7 Year old boy killed outside disneyland

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  • 7 Year old boy killed outside disneyland

    I just saw it on the news so I dont have a link for you guys but a family was crossing the road from the disneyland parking lot (Timon) to the Convention center and a young man didnt see them and ran over 4 of them. 3 in the hospital and 1 (7 year old boy) dead.

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    :O Thats sad It'll also bring som unwanted attention to the resort...

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      wow, that sucks. I've crossed the street there, and it is pretty dangerous...
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        A child reportedly was killed Monday when a Cadillac driven by a minor struck a group of people crossing Katella Avenue at Convention Way, just east of the Anaheim Convention Center, police said.

        Police were called at 5:50 p.m. to the intersection, where a group of pedestrians in a crosswalk were struck by a youth driving a burgundy Cadillac, said Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez.


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          That is really awful. I can't imagine how bad the family must feel. I hope the crossings are well marked and the lighting is adequate. I'd hate to see this happen again.
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            A minor in a Cadillac?

            Thats terrible, you would think after all these years Disney would have implemented some sort of pedestrian safety idea like maybe overhead crosswalks or something. So sad that now a family is scarred permanently only because they wanted their children to see Disneyland.
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              They were leaving disney. And disney has nothing to do with the roads. That would be your local road department.

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                What if they were leaving the resort to go to their car? Could Disney still be held partially liable?
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                  Well the car was either in parking lot of disney, or in another. But if they got in car they'd be fine. But they were just crossing road...

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                    Totally not Disney's fault.
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                      Wow... that's so sad. I feel terrible for this family. What a horrible way to end a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.
                      I have to say though, I also feel sorry for the teen driving the car. How could you ever live with yourself after something like that? I mean, it sounds like it was his fault, so he did bring it onto himself. And I feel much worse for the boy's family.But still, living the rest of your life with that on your conscience?
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                        on the news they showed the driver of the car sitting on the curb with his arms on his knees and his head between his arms and legs like crying/shaking.

                        I would probably be the same way too.


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                          Yeah, I saw that. Really puts into context everything I've been learning about the responsibility one accepts by being a driver and how one moment can change your life. (I'm taking Drivers Ed. to get my licensce)


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                            Our hearts and prayers go out to all involved.

                            If it was at the location I am thinking it is, the crosswalk is Very clearly marked, with plenty of lighting and I belive there is even a signal with walk/dont walk signs.


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                              This is so sad...
                              It is surprising how difficult it can be to walk to the surrounding hotels in the Disneyland area due to inadequate crossing zones.
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