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Will you be there May 5th?

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  • Will you be there May 5th?

    I will be!! With all my Disney Freak friends from work! We've had to call Blue Bayou 3 different times now to raise our reservation and add more people (I suggest you call now if you haven't already. They are already close to being full for the day the last time I checked...and that was 2 weeks ago)!!!

    I am soo excited I can hardly wait!!!

    Waive to me if you see me... :lol:
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    I cant Canada's so far away

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      Of course I'm there! I won't even attempt to dine at the blue bayou that night....Going with my cool girls and making the guys stay at central plaza from noon til night so we get the best seats for fireworks
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        I am in doubt. I have a final project due the 5th. But I do plan to be there the 8th!


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          i plan on bein there saturday may 8th, its gonna be a packed house but im willing to brave the crowds.
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              I will be there, working hard on that CARZY CRAZY day!!


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                *sniff* I'll be in Ohio slaving away getting my park ready to open that weekend, but the good new is I saved a ton of money on my car insurance. Haha I've always wanted to say that. Seriously, I'll be sad that I can't go, but it'll make my next trip (Hopefully Novemeber as soon as I get back from Ohio) that much more special.

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                  I am definitely going to be there! I already ask for days off just for the 50th. I don't want to miss this historical event!


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                    I will have just gotten back from WDW, however I will be waiting on that evening right here for all of yuo to come back home and tell how wonderful the day was, I hope each and everyone of you get in!
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                      unfortunately we won't be there. It is out 10th (5/5/95) anniversary, and we were at DL on our wedding day, but since we moved, we can't swing it... very, very sad


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                        In the 1% chance I win the AP contest to get to go on the 4th, then I'll stay for the 5th. If not, then not.


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                          Originally posted by dshimel
                          In the 1% chance I win the AP contest to get to go on the 4th, then I'll stay for the 5th. If not, then not.
                          Exactly, that is the only way I will go at this point. I had plans for May 12th but tossed them. I've never won a contest so I don't have huge hopes here


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                            I would like to be there I know alot of my friends will be there but I dunno it will be SOOOOO crowded too ya know!

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                              I'll be there.

                              I can't wait... Even if there will be wayyy too many people I won't care. I'm hoping to go July 17th as well, but I'm not sure that will happen..

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