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More photos from April 10th

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  • More photos from April 10th

    Check out my Theme Park Photos at

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    Thanks Darkbeer!

    Wondering if it's possible to get a pile of pics of the Main Street Train Station on your next visit so I can work on my Lego model? That'd be swell!

    - Daryl


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      Thanks for the update.


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        YAY, I got to (vicariously) go to Disneyland on my birthday. Thanks Darkbeer.
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          Originally posted by Orcatime
          YAY, I got to (vicariously) go to Disneyland on my birthday. Thanks Darkbeer.
          Happy Birthday!

          Thank you again for the pictures!! Darkbeer, do you know why in this one, that you liked of Frontierland, why the flag isn't lowered? I was simply curious.
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            Sweet. This means I go from 2 to 4 bars in the Haunted Mansion.
            -Monorail Man


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              Originally posted by Monorail Man

              Sweet. This means I go from 2 to 4 bars in the Haunted Mansion.
              Ha.. that's what I was wondering about myself. Hmm?


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                Great photos. The little baby ducky pictures were fantastic! Thanks so much
                ~ Tasty, yet morally ambiguous! ~


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                  Thanks for the pics Darkbeer. I feel like I was there, hey wait, I was there


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                    Great photos as always, were these pictures taken all through the day? Sure didn't look very crowded at all for a Sunday, or did you make everyone move out of your way...LOL!
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                    it's what they are like in their HEART!

                    - Wolfette


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                      Thanks so much, darkbeer.

                      I wonder if people have tested their cellphones on all the rides. I got reception in PotC until the first drop... then it cut out. (Duhhhh).
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                        Thank You darkbeer.
                        Loved the ducklings.
                        Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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                          April 10th Pictures

                          I spit coffee all over my computer screen this morning when I saw you posted the "Vanna White" pictures. Next time I will be careful around you and your camera. LOL

                          Ok, how did you get the pictures uploaded so fast?


                          Mousefest 2008 here we come




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                            I saw the pictures of the menus at Tomorrowland Terrace. Can anybody tell me what "apple fries" are? Were those always there?
                            My finger points.


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