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  • Indy queue question...

    Hi guys, is it just me, or has the Indy queue been updated since I first saw it on opening? I remember the room with the well being much more brightly lit when the ride first opened than it is now. Now that room looks darkly lit, but I remember it used to be quite bright. Back when the ride was new I saw it at night and my trip a few weeks ago I went in the daytime, so maybe that has something to do with it?

    Am I just imaginging things or did that room used to be brighter? Thanks.

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    Re: Indy queue question...

    The lighting has changed over time ya.. Before the latest refurb it was exceptionally bright in the queue I noticed, afterwards they had the lights back down low and even the ride seemed a lot darker. Makes it a pain to get video of, but I like it dark =D


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