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Isn't it about time for wine in Disneyland?

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  • Isn't it about time for wine in Disneyland?

    Just thinking how much I would enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner at the Blue Bayou when I'm in Disneyland. I started thinking, I can drink wine when I'm in the California Adventure. Isn't it about time that they allowed wine sales in the Blue Bayou for dinner?
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    I don't want to stand in this line any longer! All these new rides are based on Pixar movies! I can't find anything my size to wear! Space Mountain still isn't open! The subs aren't running yet! When will they bring back the People Mover?

    Oh, sorry, wrong kind of whines.

    Sure, I think if they can sell it in Club 33, they can serve a little bit here and there in Blue long as it doesn't turn into a problem with adults staggering around. There's too many kids in DL who probably shouldn't see that.

    One could also argue, I guess, that anyone who enters the park and abandons their brain shouldn't be allowed to enhance that process with alcohol.


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      I'm thinkin Jello Shots at THE SHOOTIN GALLERY
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        I think The Blue Bayou restaurant is a bit too low brow to serve wine. With the exception of Club 33 I don't perceive any of the restaurants in Disneyland to be classy enough that they would serve wine with their meals. I think they should work on offering better food at the restaurants before thinking about serving alcohol to the guests. I say if you want a good sit down meal w/a little alcohol for equal or less price go to Catal or Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney. Either way I don't care if they serve wine or not. A glass of Coca-Cola will keep me happy.


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          Yep. Club 33 has got it. I don't know, wine is fine, but then they'll want beer too. I don't want it too be like Universal, where there's beer stands on every corner.


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            They could serve beer at Rancho del Zocalo. I don't know about WINE necessarily. But I hear the alcohol in DCA is really watered down anyway, so is having it really necessary? Just bring in a waterbottle filled with vodka or a grape juice bottle filled with another kind of grape juice and make your own good time.
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              I think fine wine would be ok. It would be so expensive that I don't think people would be getting loaded. It would be nice for those who wanted a fine meal. BB is very nice and wine would not be out of place.As long as it stayed there.


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                I'll tell ya, the Tiki Room is pretty awesome after a Rainbow Colada. :monkey:


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                  I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to sell alcohol there. They could just integrate a stamp system, where you can get like...2 or 3 drinks in a given day (so we don't have people passed out in the middle of New Orleans Square) and they could stamp your hand w/ those glow in the dark stamps. They wouldn't have drunks but people would be a lot more calm w/ the crowds...
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                      Yeah no. There are about a billion reasons why they should continue to not serve alcohol in the park, the #1 reason being that they just really don't need to, at all.


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                        NO! It is not time for wine or any other alcohol at Disneyland. Not to turn this into a anti-AP thread, but if one finds oneself going to Disneyland soooo often that they become sooo bored that they think alcohol would be a good way to liven the place up.....well, you see my point :monkey:
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                          I think we're doin' just fine the way we are, thank you.
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                            Originally posted by Club 33
                            Yep. Club 33 has got it. I don't know, wine is fine, but then they'll want beer too. I don't want it too be like Universal, where there's beer stands on every corner.
                            I agree with you, it would start with wine, and then people would say, "why not beer?" It just opens up a path that I don't think most people would like to see the park go down. Even if you put a 3 drink max on it, I've seen one glass of wine have a major effect on a person even. There is alcohol on property at DCA and Downtown Disney if you really feel the need for a drink, but Disneyland has been pretty successful for 50 years without it and I don't think they have much to gain by introducing wine to the park in restaurants like Blue Bayou, on that note I don't have a problem with it being served in Club 33 either.


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                              It's time for mai tais at the Tiki Room, gin & tonic on the Jungle Cruise, rum and grog on the Pirates of the Caribbean, sazerac in the Haunted Mansion, whiskey on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, assorted beers at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon, martinis on the Monorail, and people barfing into trash cans all up and down Main Street on their way out.

                              Yeah, maybe if it was HunterS.Thompsonland and not Disneyland (note the Johnny Depp connection).
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