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50th Disneyland Album Tracks?

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  • 50th Disneyland Album Tracks?

    Hey guys! I know we've discussed about the big 6-disc compilation ... but there's still going to be a Disneyland Album being released, right? I think I read that there were going to be 2 CDs? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed but I just can't remember what was said about it.

    Does anyone know what tracks it will have yet? Has the info been released? I'm really interested to know if they'll have the music for Parade of Dreams, Block Party, and Remember.

    Any info would be GREAT! Thanks!

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    Ad luna in flamma gloria


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      I think I'm gonna answer my own question here... haha.
      I just found this on Amazon:

      It's the 50th Celebration Album. So hopefully it'll have all the songs that I want! Pre-ordering it now!


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