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  • Memorized Attractions

    I bet some of you know entire soundtrack scripts or spiels from attractions to the point where you could recite them (or particular characters ("Don't tell him Carlos don't be cheeeeken") by heart from end to end.

    I'm curious how much and which Attractions are burned into the collective "hard drive" of the boards. Did any of you tape record the rides when you were youngsters?
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    Haunted Mansion, absolutely. I'm not old enough that I needed a tape recorder - the internet provided me with the script and I just read it over and over again to myself until I got it. And of course now I have most of the ride soundtracks on my real HD


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      I have Fantasmic memorized- both from seeing it so much and from owning the soundtrack- also, the dialogue from "Believe" but I am sure lots of people know those.

      Now if any knew the parade announcements in all 3 languages, I would be impressed.
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        it's pirates for me


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          I used to ride Space Mountain so much that I could anticipate each turn.
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            "Howdy all you sodbusters, muleskinners, horsetraders, chickentheives,cattlerustlers,cowpunchers,pioneers , pioneeresses... in laws, out laws, mothers in law, and anything else that might have crawled out of the woodwork while i wasnt like to welcome you aboard the mike fink..the same keel boat that raced up and down the ohio river back there on tv.."

            and old spiel burned in CO's mental hard drive
            "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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              I So know the haunted mansion soo well

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                I know every beat of Fantasmic, because I listen to the soundtrack all the time. I've been known it discretly "conduct" the whole thing with my finger while watching. Yeah, I'm sure it looks a little wierd, but it's fun for me!


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                    Haunted Mansion. I can do the speil from beggining to end. Stetching room and all. And I know Walt's dedication speech by heart. And I've just about got down the Jungle Cruise.

                    I have a tendancy to listen to the same thing over and over again, so I learn rather quickly.


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                      Fantasmic, definitely
                      Haunted Mansion
                      and I used to know the DLRR spiel.
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                        I only know HM. Couldn't do Jungle Cruise or PotC... mostly because the lyrics to "A Pirates Life for Me" are SO random!

                        All I know is "really bad eggs" cause of the movie.
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                          Fantasmic! and believe.... I have them on CD and listen to them at work. I type along with the beats!
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                            I know...

                            The Haunted Mansion :devil:
                            DLP's Phantom Manor (The original English Version)
                            Haunted Mansion Holiday
                            THe 1969 HM LP,
                            and other DL records...


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                              Originally posted by melmel

                              All I know is "really bad eggs" cause of the movie.
                              Same here!! Exactly.

                              Like someone else said, I also have every beat of Fantasmic memorized. :o I listen to the sound track a lot. I even know exactly when the giant beem of light is going to turn on in the begining. As the note climbs louder and louder in the begining, 2 seconds before the spot light turns on there is a base line that comes in. So that gives it away.


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