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What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

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  • What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

    Magic can be interpreted in any way you'd like. Share your magical memory stories regarding the park, CM's, guests, etc.

    I'll add my "magic" story after I return from my July Trip!

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    Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

    I admit to being in LOVE with the Happiest Place on Earth and will defend that magic land until my death. Yes, for me, it's DisneyLAND over Walt Disney World. I've been to both, several times, but I like the smaller Disneyland much better and my childhood memories of the Mansion is always that Antebellum plantation home and not the Dutch Manor House of Florida.

    Yes, my memories are of Adventureland, Frontierland, Tommorrowland, NEW ORLEANS Square, Fantasyland, (and now Critter Country, and Toon Town). I recall with foundness the 20,000 Leagues Submarine Ride and the Sky-Cars...(both no longer there)
    I thrill to the brief (but always startling appearance of the Yeti(s) in the Matterhorn, and hum the jaunty intergalactic theme to Space Mountain.
    I do so love the Jungle Cruise, but love the Enchanted Tiki Room even more!
    Oh how I love those talking, singing birds...
    'Let's all sing like the birdies sing!
    Tweet Tweet-Tweet
    tweet- Tweet!'

    And yes, I know what Florida did to their Tiki Room *updated* and *changed*. Yuck. Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room (Sponsored by Dole Pineapple) is exactly the way it was when Disneyland opened it's gates.
    And for the most part, so is my beloved Mansion.

    Now the Pirates of the Carribean! Oh my, don't get me started...I LOOOVE Pirates. It's a great ride (beginning through the Bayou, with those fireflies and the sonds of crickets, toad and that lonely banjo)
    The boat cruises by the Blue Bayou restaurant (where my wife and I ate while on our honeymoon)

    Yes, My honeymoon (November 1999) was spent in California and 3 days of it in the Magic Kingdom.

    I grew up listenign to the sounds of Disneyland. My vacation to Disneyland in 1976 was an amazing time for me. I remember my father patiently taking me on Disneyland's Haunted Mansion again and again and again..and this was when the Mansion was an "E" ticket attraction.
    On the last day of our visit to the park, my father secretly snuck in a tape recorder in a Disney bag and recorded the Mansion, the Tiki Room and America Sings! I listened to that tape so many times over the years that followed.

    An entire DAY at Disneyland is filled with good food and rides and attractions that you'll never forget. Start early to park (remember we parked in Dale) and stand in line under the berm to watch the opening (with Marching Band and Mickey himself appearing to open the park for the day)

    The food at the park IS outstanding, and I can't recommend the gumbo in the bread bowls in New Orleans Square enough! (Right before you journey BACK to the Pirate infested waters of the Carribean)
    Main Street USA is a wonder to behold, with all the smells and sights and tastes (Mickey Mouse Pancakes!) And YES you jaded non-believers, I KNOW they pump out manufactured smells of fresh popcorn, chocolate and other goodies- so what? I'm buying it. I love the magic.

    I smile with the memory of sitting on the curb on Main Street, and eating my Mickey Mouse PBJ and watching the world go by.

    Then night comes and nighttime signals the start of the good stuff.

    The park comes to magical life at night. I LOVE the Magic Kingdom at night best of all, more than any other time. The Mansion is lit with eerie lights, and the wolf cries are turned up louder, the entrance to Pirates of the Carribean is lit with flickering gas flames, the Tiki Room is surrounded by , well, Tiki Torches and trees throughout the park are lit with lights, and the castle, Sleeping Beauty's Castle is aglow with a warm magic lights.

    The Main Street Electrical Parade remains as a found past memory (although now its the official nighttime parade at California Adventure), and Fantasmic offer amazing explosions in the sky.

    Finally, after a long day of eating and riding and being a kid again, the walk to the front gate and to the parking lot (remember we parked in Dale) is like a post-marathon. Suddenly, you are exhausted, but thrilled with the prospect of returning the next day...if you are so lucky.

    You know what my favorite magic memory of Disneyland is? My son's first trip to Disneyland. (it was just this past February)
    We listen to Disney music all the time in the house now and he knows very well the music and songs from the Haunted Mansion, and the Pirates of the Carribbean, and the Enchanted Tiki Room. (he also knows 'Whale of a Tale' and 'The Ballad of Pecos Bill')

    He's excited about going back as I often show him pictures of the park and we talk about the truly amazing, magic things that can be seen there. He'll be in wide-eyed joy, and once again, so will I.

    Prof. Griffin


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      Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

      The rides, the atmosphere, the history, that's all great stuff.


      What motivates me to visit the Park about four to five trips per year is the look on my kids faces as we enter the Resort.

      Lifelong memories.




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        Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

        One of my most magical moments happened just this past weekend. We ate at the new Cafe Orleans and we were sat inside. A waiter named Andrew came up and told us that he was our temporary waiter until our real waitress freed up. We asked him if we could sit outside and see the sights and he immediately did, with no problem. ( We had asked the hostess first and she said that we couldn't because they were all booked up even though every seat was empty!) Andrew sat us in his section and proceeded to take excellent care of us! He was prompt, considerate, good humored, and happy to please. The food was excellent and the service was even better. We returned the next night and asked to be sat in Andrew's section again but, alas, he was not working. He made such a great impression that we went to City Hall and left a good compliment for him. THAT is the kind of cast member that makes Disney magical.
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          Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

          The most memorable moment at WDW was being there for the first time. Especially for my husband he never thought he would have had the chance to take the kids to Disney World. They had been there before but just the look on there faces, to be there again and experience all the rides and shows together was even better. We were able to get pictures with most of the characters and his favorite was with Mickey he went from 36 yrs old to 10yrs old in less than a minute. Which made me had tears of joy being able to share this moment. And to top off the icing on this cake there was beautiful rainbow over the park when we left that day. Now I just have to stop being lazy and get my films developed just so we can enjoy that moment over and over again till its time to go back...
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            Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

            I don't have one specific memory that sticks out in my mind, but rather a set of memories from when I was very young. My parents used to take me to Disneyland for my birthday every year. I remember staying awake all night in anticipation of the next day, the growing excitement as we exited Harbor Blvd. and reached the parking lot (back when it was JUST Disneyland). Riding the parking tram to the ticket booths...seeing the giant floral Mickey in front of the train. The absolute best for me was waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade - I loved it then and I still love it now.

            The magic for me is that even after all these years, I still love Disney, and still get excited at the idea of going. I'm going w/ DH this weekend, and I'm excited already! Can't wait to see the new Pirates and Haunted Mansion.
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              Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

              .....hmmm...well, I spent my WEDDING NIGHT on the 9th floor of the Sierra Tower of Disneyland Hotel in March 2002. Does that count? HA HA HA


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                Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                The magic i always get at disneyland is "Tingly" magic.


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                  Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                  For me it would have to be with 3 different Disney Characters at 3 different times.

                  1. Princess Aurora=I had always wanted to kiss her now I know on the cheek is not aload but on the hand it's alright. So after me and my best friend got our picture taken with her. I happen to ask her first if it was alright if I can kiss her hand. She told me it was alright. So of choice I did.

                  2. Prince Phillip=He has always been one of my favorite Disney stars and I always had a hard time trying to fine him. So when I ask a cast memeber if Prince Phillip was going to be out. The guy told me that he will be in 20 mintue were Princess Aurora location is. So I when over there to weight for him. 20 minutes came and there was know Prince Phillip. So I weighted some more cause I know it take a little bit longer then what people have said. So I weight for about 45 minutes then all of a sudden I saw a hat walking by the photo store that look like Prince Phillip's. So I when to see and sure enogh it was him. I had my digi camrea out and getting my autograph book out. For I can get my picture and autograph from him. At first he had stop by the statue of Mickey and Walt. So I was about to give him my autograph book to sign after he was signing one from a girl then he started to move to Frounterland I got up to him and about to give him my book again. He stop to help a lady picking up a blank that she drop for her baby then started to move were Princess Aurora will go out (which she wasn't there that day.) He stop again this time he was feeding a duck after that he when into the Princess Aurora's castle to go on the other side there he stop at the Merry-go-round were he was talking to a little girl and Merlin. Then he did it again he move to the Dumbo ride and that is when I findlly got my picture and autograph taken from him. Then all of a sudden Esmeralda and Clopin came over to talk to me and Prince Phillip. But before they got to us. Prince Phillip remember who Esmerald was but he didn't know the other and he ask if I knew. I told him no cause I have never seen there movie. I guess Esmeralda hear me said that cause she came right up to me and said. You have never seen my movie. I told her no. But I told her that I did get my photo taken with her enemy all 3 of them Phillip,Esmeralda and Clopin just look at me and said you got her enemy but you haven't seen are movie. I told them yes. Both Esmeralda and Clopin just walk away with there heads up.

                  3. Human Ariel=Just like Princess Aurora I want to get a kiss to Ariel. So I when to her restaurant Ariel's Grotto over at DCA and there was Ariel in her human form. After I got my picture take with her I told her that she is my fravorite princess out of all of them and she really like that I said it to her. I ask her like I did with Aurora if I can give her a kiss she said yes. And this is the good part. After I did she kiss me on the head. I will never for get that.

                  So that is my magic moment from Disneyland.


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                    Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                    Can't possibly name just one. I have had so many "magical" experiences from my childhood, my children's childhoods, etc...

                    Just suffice it to say that I've got 49 years of incredible magical memories stored up and I'd love the chance to get 49 more. I don't think I've ever had a single really bad day at Disneyland--I just won't allow it to happen.


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                      Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                      Originally posted by Disneyland Daddy
                      .....hmmm...well, I spent my WEDDING NIGHT on the 9th floor of the Sierra Tower of Disneyland Hotel in March 2002. Does that count? HA HA HA
                      yes that would be magic, but we really don't need any more info on why.
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                        Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                        Blowing the whistle of the Ward Kimball steam engine while high-balling along the main line through the deserted park an hour before opening, with some of my closest friends...the term "magical" is an understatement...


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                          Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                          Once, when I was about 10 0r so, on our family trip to CA, we went to Disneyland, and while loking across the thousands of people in the entrance, we spotted a family from back home, one of my brothers best friends. "Of all the gin joints..." kinda moment, to run into some fellow Texans to spend the day with!
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                            Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                            Knowing I'm there sends shivers. It is so real to me. I know that Disneyland is the place I want to find love, partake in an adventure, and spend days under the spell of. I love it.
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                              Re: What kind of "Magic" have you experienced inside Disneyland?

                              I would like to tell you about my magic in the happiest place on earth. When my daughter was 5 yrs old (she is 6 now) She was test for hearing loss and came back positive, she is going deaf and has to wear hearing aids. Well, she had only had the hearing aids for 6 weeks and was also learing sign language and was very shy about using it. Well, when we went to DL for the first time that vacation the first person we saw going was Cinderella. We waited in line and when we went forward to give Cinderella a hug Cinderella got down to my daughter's level and must have seen the hearing aids cause she started signing to my daughter. I was totally amazed. My daughter who is shy about signing seeing Cinderella signing. I started crying. Cinderella told her that she should learn more so that next time she saw her they could talk together. I will never forget it. I memory that will live in my heart forever. BTW I went to the city hall and told them about the CM playing her and how she had made my and my daughter's day. After that my daughter was more receptive to learning signing cause Cinderella did it to.


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