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Tommorow Land lighting

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  • Tommorow Land lighting

    The new tommorowland lighting near the Tommorow Land Terrace aka: Club Buzz is horrendous. If anyone knows anyone at Imagineering or Park Services please have someone add some gels or something to dim the "Janitorial work lights" lighting, which really messes with the whole mood of the area. If you are watching a show at "club buzz" the new lights completely detract from the experience. It is like ballpark lighting. I know this has been discussed in an earlier thread; I did a search and could not find a link. Please pass this on to appropriate Disneyland "suits" a quick fix would be to put some type of material that could filter the lighting and take off the offensive glare.
    I would really hope that they would fix this before Nemo opens!

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    Re: Tommorow Land lighting

    Please add that Tomorrowland is horrendus. What a disappointment compared to what it used to be.


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      Re: Tommorow Land lighting

      Agreed, Just when you thought it could not possibly get worse, it does!
      Unbelievable! Club Buzz is a DISASTER with these new lights. So sad, it is not very hard to put in decent lights, it really is not very hard, you can have brighter lights that are still positioned to be easier on the eyes. Not in this case. Disney found the worst possible lighting elements and put them in. It seriously is illuminated like a ball park or the inside of a convention center hall.


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        Re: Tommorow Land lighting

        I agree, completely. The fixtures themselves are fine, but the bulbs themselves are simply too bright.

        Good lighting for eating and walking simply doesn't need to be as bright as the current Club Buz.
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          Re: Tommorow Land lighting

          No, the light is fine - but it's going out nearly horizontally into your eyes, instead of being directed down towards the pavement like it's supposed to be. Area Lighting Design 101, and they failed.

          The fixture heads and poles were picked for looks, not practicality - they need louvers or proper Fresnel Lens optics to put the light where it's needed, without glare. Probably both - a Fresnel Lens is still going to let some light out at a bad glare angle, even if it fixes most of the problem.

          The only way around that is a 'Hard Cutoff' fixture design with the lamp in a bowl reflector aimed down, like an old fashioned "Cobrahead" streetlight. But they're hard to make look good.

          Someone get me a good close-up daytime picture of the fixture heads, I didn't think to get one last week. I can track down the manufacturer and see if there are any retrofit fixes that can be done. Or if they have a similar model that works better.

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            Re: Tommorow Land lighting

            "Someone get me a good close-up daytime picture of the fixture heads"

            Bruce, great insight regarding the lights. Its a shame that with all the money spent at DL it takes unpaid DL fans to do the work for free
            In regards to getting some closeups of the fixture heads I am sensing a DarkBeer request!

            Lets get Bruce a picture of this fixture so we can get this area fixed up!

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