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Fireworks August 9, 2006 - Stopped midway through

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  • Fireworks August 9, 2006 - Stopped midway through

    Hi All - fam was at the park last night, watching the fireworks, when they were stopped and canceled midway through due to wind. Kinda weird, I have never seen that happen before. The show got to the Haunted Manison, and after the "Of course, there's always my way", everything stopped, and the lights came up. Then an annoucement, "Ladies and Gentleman, due to winds at higher elevations, Tonights presentation of "---" cannot be completed.

    The show was delayed about 15 minutes becuase of winds, but they gave it a shot, although there were still a lot of disappointed guests. I can hosestly say in the 20 years I have been around the park, I have never seen the fireworks stop midway, but I have seen that with Fantasmic a few times.

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    Re: Fireworks August 9, 2006 - Stopped midway through

    Though we have never had that happen to us (thankfully) I have heard it mentioned here (recently) a few times.

    Better luck next time!


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