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The new SM soundtrack.

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  • The new SM soundtrack.

    Does anyone else feel sick to their stomach at Al Lutz's announcement of the sountrack being Van Halen?

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    I would have prefered another choice, but it's not completely definite yet! We do have to live with whatever we get! You don't have to ride Rockit Mountain if you are feeling ill.....LOL!
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      Yes, because now I have to worry whether they will use the true Van Halen, or "Van Hagar"-- the ******* cousin of the true Van Halen, with Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. Gross! Give me David Lee Roth's crazy *** any day over Hagar, that schmuck!


      No, I'm actually stoked. It sounds like fun.
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        Well, it does fit the name of Rock It. That band sure as hell ROCKED!


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          Not sick, just a little worried. Dick Dale doesn't seem out of place because 1.) Surf guitar is from a time unknown to my generation so it seems exotic, and B.) Carnival des Animaux (sp?) is from the turn of the century and very atmospheric.

          So basically, I'm just hoping that they'll do something a little more immersive and escapist than just Van Halen's basic metal. If they don't, it's gonna seem awfully out-of-place. Sure looking forward to new show elements, though...


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            To quote my non-Disney geek friend's "witty" response to the news:

            You know, you can always rely on corporate executives to be on the cutting edge of pop & underground culture....

            "Who's big with the kids these days???? Van Halen! Yeah, they rock!"

            Do they even have a singer right now????
            Personally, I think it's cool to have an 80's edge back at Tomorrowland, because TL in the 80's just rocked!!!


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              Originally posted by Disneyphile
              ...TL in the 80's just rocked!!!
              You got that right!
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                I think Van Halen is too "real world" for Disneyland. I mean, I understand the marketing potential (like Aerosmith in Rock 'n' Roller Coaster over at Disney-MGM Studios), but at Disneyland, it seems more fitting to have a generic rock sound instead of an established artist. Anyone know if there's ever been a Van Halen - Disney connection?
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                  Which "hit" Van Halen recordings would be good for this ride in your opinion? I can think of more with Sammy than with David.
                  I will miss Dick Dale though.


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                    Im not to hip on rock music.. but the msuic I have heard that were Van Halen rocked.. hence RockIt mtn.. hahaha duh.. j/k.. Yha The Original Van Halen ROCKS!! and im filipino..hahaha
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                      Originally posted by mrtommorrow
                      I think Van Halen is too "real world" for Disneyland.
                      That's kinda what I meant. Dick Dale wasn't too "real world" because it was a surf guitar version of a moody classical song. Just flat-out metal would be incongruous. I think it would be cool if they had a booming orchestral score (in the vein of Alan Silvestri's "The Mummy Returns" and "Back to the Future") during the day and Dick Dale at night. Or vice-versa.


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                        I like Van Halen with Sammy or David preferably David Lee Roth. But its better then Marliyn Manson. Sheesh. At least they have a change for night time instead of the same set up all day. Either way I wouldn't care I want to enjoy Space Mountain it sounds spectacular!!
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                          Remember, its only for the night rock it version.
                          I think Van Halen can certainly pull off the kind of sound Disney is looking for on Space Mountain. They are cool enough, to be rockin, but not political or so bad *** that its un-Disney. I think Both Van Halen versions were pretty good, and maybe they aren't going to use singers anyway. They could just be playing a hard rock soundtrack.
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                            The song should have been Micheal Jacksons "Were here to change the world" from Captain would have been a great song AND a homage. However since I cant have that and since Dick Dales soundtrack was just meh...i'll go with Van Halen. 80s was the best decade and Tommorowland should reflect that.


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                              Um, I will ride space mountain no matter WHAT kind of music they decide to throw in there, but Van Halen? WTF?
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