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ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

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  • ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

    Has anyone heard whether there will be a prime time weekend at DCA this year? I know they skipped it last year, hoping it comes back.

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    Re: ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

    Would be nice but I doubt it. They usually held it in early or mid-September and I haven't heard anything about it. Why did they stop these and the Daytime Weekends? I figured they were so successful in getting in so many people into DCA. I miss them though.


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      Re: ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

      I thought this was a great event to have, too. Was it after John Ritter's untimely death the last time they had the event?? Sorry to bring up that sad reminder.

      ABC Prime Time Weekend is missing GREAT opporunities for LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, other sitcoms, and new shows.

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        Re: ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

        Yes, last time they had it was in '04 and John Ritter passed on in '03. I almost saw him that weekend he was at DCA too but I had to work. I did get to see people from Desperate Housewives at the last Primetime weekend event they had.


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          Re: ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

          Yes, I was there in '04 and I got a hug & kiss from Dominic Monaghan. My mom and I were hoping we'd get to see more of a cross-section of the cast of 'Lost', but it looks that it isn't happening...
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            Re: ABC Prime Time Weekend at DCA?

            i enjoyed the abc weekend, very awesome, i wonder why it's not happening anymore

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