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Peoplemover and Other Unused Space?

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  • Peoplemover and Other Unused Space?

    Concerning all of Tomorrowland's tidbits of unused space; i.e the Peoplemover track, the second floor of the Starcade and its adjoining outside patio, the Motor Boats area, and the relatively unused Innoventions building: What do you think about using some or all of this space for one big e-ticket ride? Although something completely original would be nice, it seems like a ride of Test Track's ilk would make perfect sense in this scenario (yes I know, the Rocket Rods was already attempted). Ideas, suggestions?
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    I think this thread sounds alot like the Tomorrowland enhancements thread with a different name....
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      Yeah, sorry, I just noticed that. This one is a bit more narrowly focused to the one all-encompassing ride idea though. Ideas anyways?


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