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Best Place to sit for POD and RDCT!

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  • Best Place to sit for POD and RDCT!

    For all of us that were lucky enough to see the soft openings, what are your opinions on the seating? How early should one get to the area?

    I was right at the tomorrowland entrance for POD, and when they stopped the parade for the dance number, Pinocchio's float was in front of us. The acrobats are way cool... (I was on the right side of the park, i.e. the side of the right tunnel, i.e. TL entrance...)

    As for RDTC, that one is an iffy one. While theoratically the best place to be is right in the hub, so many people stood in front of those guys on the streets that I'm sure you that you wouldn't to be able to see the castle effects without some strategy. Last night was a very LIGHT day, Buzz Lightyear was rarely more than a 10-15 min. wait all day, and POTC and HM were about 5-7 min. Even Indy didn't need fastpass. Imagine what it will be like on 05-05!!!

    I think the best place to see the fireworks is right in front of the castle. At the preview, everyone was seated, and people were standing up at the curb. I got my spot about 30-45 min. prior to the show, and all around the hub was packed. The spot in front of the castle gives you a clear view of all the effects and fireworks, as well as a great P.O.V. for the effects on the Matterhorn. The only gripe I'd say is that when things start happening all around you, you'll start to get whiplash!

    So what about the rest of you guys, what hints can you give our fellow Mice Chatters?
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    Well, I was by the Partner's statue on the right hand side of it when I saw RDCT last night, and that was a really good spot. You could see everything. But I guess in FRONT of the statue, probably sitting on the curb with the opening to the castle right in front of you would be PRIMO seating.


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      When you let people in on best locations for the parade, you should mention which way the parade is going, becasue the float order gets reversed.
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        That's about where I was, looked really crowded by the partner's statue!


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          And should you catch the reverse version...

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            Go to for a huge guide on where to catch what.


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              Okay I'm confused with the stops? Will most people only see like one show stop? or do they all stop at a certain place, each time? Like one say stops infront of emporium, will the next one stop there too? Just so everyone that's there see's each show stop?

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                You get to see one show stop...which I personally think should change. Ideally, everyone should be able to see two show stops...the way it currently is, the floats go by a little too quickly. They should make it so the show stops every 4th float (if we count the Little Mermaid float as 2).
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                  if they stop every 4th float, then they'll end up doing 6 show stops.. making hte parade WAY too long. there are many spots along hte parade route where you can see two show stops. The guide at tells you exactly where each float stops each time because they don't change. They will ALWAYS stop at the same places (give or take a few feet).


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                    hmmm.... I want to see the pinnochio stop/mermaid/lion king on video :P

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