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Maximum capacity on 5th???

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  • Maximum capacity on 5th???

    does anyone know if DL reached maximum capacity on the 5th? People said it would, but it didn't seem like it to me.

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    Not even close, they did process about 30,000 folks thru the gates in the morning.

    But it seemed a lot busier since many of the pathways were closed off around the castle, leaving just 3 ways into the park, Adventureland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland from Main Street.
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    • #3 according to this, no.


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        a lot was blocked off. Thats about the only thing I didn't like was that most things were blocked off.


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          I was there on the 5th, and no, it never reached capacity. I think the rain or threat of rain helped.
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            I new it wouldn't reach capacity. As a matter of fact, I bet that they wouldn't reach capacity on the 5th.

            Guess I won't have to buy anybody any ice cream cones on the 17th of July.
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              It'll be interesting to see what will happen on the 17th of July. It's not getting much marketing (actually, NONE), but it's in the middle of peak season considering it's summer, it might be at full capacity.

              I wonder how many people will randomly decide to go to Disneyland that Sunday and find out it's the 50th anniversary. haha.
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