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AP block-out day tickets?

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  • AP block-out day tickets?

    A while ago I heard about some special ticket for AP's that you could buy so you could go on a block-out day. Anybody know anything about this? I'd really like to know more. Sorry if I sound stupid or I am completely wrong. :shy:

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    Re: AP block-out day tickets?

    If you go on a block out day simply show your AP at a ticket booth and pay around $30 or $35 (last time I heard, it may have gone up though) and you get a Park Hopper Pass for the day. You do have to get a hand stamp when going back and forth though.
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      Re: AP block-out day tickets?

      Thank you!!


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        Re: AP block-out day tickets?

        Yeah, its $30 and you get it at the ticket booth, just ask for one. They give you a little ticket that you use with your annual pass to get in.


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          Re: AP block-out day tickets?

          Also, you have to use your AP AND the blockout ticket to get into the parks.

          Oh... And
          if you are an unethical jerky, like me, then you can usually get fastpasses for your AP AND your blockout ticket. WOO HOO!! Double Fastpasses!!!
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            Re: AP block-out day tickets?

            ^ regarding the spoiler above, we tried this when we got black outs on the 19th of August, when we tried to use our APs we got tickets that said they hadn't been used for entry and it wouldn't let us do the spoiled above...
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              Re: AP block-out day tickets?

              And if you accidentally forget to bring your AP on a non-blockout day, you get one (1) complimentary pass each year (duration of your AP, not calendar year). Photo ID required, or course.
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