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Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

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  • Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

    Have you ever stood on the lawn area outside of the Lost Boy Bar (which used to be a marina) at the Disneyland Hotel, and looked up at the very top floor of the Marina Tower, and noticed looking though one set of windows what looks to be an opening to the sky? Perhaps many years ago, you might have even noticed a tree growing up though the roof through that opening in what looked to be a room that was open to the sky?

    Well...what you were looking at was the Grandest of Grand Suites at the Disneyland Hotel...The Wrather Suite!

    This was a suite that usually is never offered for rent to the General Public at any price. But when it was offered, it went for upwards of $5,000 a night and more.

    So who gets to stay in such a special suite? Well, mainly it's used by the hotel's Sales and Marketing Department to entertain site inspectors for major conventions and such. Folks that the hotel is really trying to woo some contracted business out of. Other times it's used as a "function room" for cocktail parties and mixers, or business meetings...and no one actually stays overnight in it. But other times VVIP Guests such as major celebrities, or State Department guests, are invited to stay in it, and they get to experience a truly magical stay in an extraordinary set of rooms. Sometimes a few lucky Disney execs or even just regular Cast Members that might be given a night or two in the Wrather Suite as part of some employment recognition award and such...might find themselves up there for the night. And I'm sure a few lucky guests have been able to stay in it because of "someone they know."

    But's used to help "sell" the hotel and its convention and conference services and facilities.

    I've been very fortunate to have been able to visit the Wrather Suite many times in my life. Mostly for cocktail and party functions. But a few times as a lucky overnighter. And when staying really was a very unique and almost James Bond set experience.

    So let's take a tour. But I need to point out that my pictures are woefully inadequate for the assignment, and don't show many of the features that I'll be talking about. I just came across the ones you're going to see, but they are incomplete and have been separated from the rest of the photos that I have no idea where those are. Sorry 'bout that.

    This main part of the suite takes up half of that entire side of the top floor of the Marina Tower, starting at the very southeast corner and stretching westward! And if you include additional rooms from adjoining can take up even more of the floor!

    When you first walk into the suite, you enter a large foyer area, and your eyes immediately focus on the floor to ceiling glass windows that frame the view of your own private balcony and outside patio that's open to the sky!

    Sliding glass doors on all sides allow you to open this space up to the entire suite! Or...close it off except for the sky. And built-in concealed heating vents can warm you on the chilliest nights. Lighting and music controls. Very much like Walt's patio at the Disney Gallery. Pretty nice, eh? Now look closely to the left of the plant on the those little windows under a dome like thing. We'll be pointing those out in the next bit.

    Your options at this point are to turn left or right, so let's go left to the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom. The Master Bedroom is huge with 2 King Beds and plenty of nice furniture and tons of closet space. But the most noticeable feature of the Master Bedroom is on the side of the room that faces the private patio. It's the large curved settee slightly elevated on a platform in the corner that bows out slightly into the private patio area somewhat like a bay-window sitting area.

    Some of you are already ahead of me at this point, aren't you? the flip of a switch...this entire platform slowly rotates to take you and your loved one on a little ride out onto that private patio! Weeee! One minute you're sitting on that settee in the Master Bedroom...and the next minute you're sitting on that same settee out on the private patio! Pretty slick. It is kinda hokey in a 60's 70's James Bond-like bachelor pad kinda way...but it's still neat. want some more bachelor pad stuff? Let's go to the Master Bathroom.

    Think white, mirrors, and gold. And think lots of each. This is a HUGE bathroom with multiple vanities and sinks. A sunken Jacuzzi tub. Separate large round shower stall with multiple water jets. A complete wood sauna room. And lots of mirrors. And lots of gold. Gold fixtures all over. Even the uber-thick towels and robes have the Disneyland Hotel's "DH" initials on them in gold thread. This photo doesn't do it justice or cover more than half of the space:

    Okay. Let's take a hike back out to the foyer and head to the other side of the private patio and the Living Room, Bar and Dining Areas.

    What can I say? Massive. Two Living Room/Sitting Areas separated by a massive James Bond bachelor pad round walk-around Fireplace and hood, that is the centerpiece of the room. Entertainment Center. Bookshelves. And across the way...the Bar.

    The fireplace is on the left in that photo above. Also in the photo above, you can see the entryway to the right of the Bar that leads into the full kitchen and Butler's Pantry. In the curving wall that leads to the Dinning Room, you can make out the Pantry Window that goes from the Kitchen to the Dining Room and allows the "passing" of plates, etc.

    Here's a bookshelf adjacent to the Bar:

    Here we look past the fireplace ring and bar into the Dinning Room and its long row of windows:

    And here's a shot looking back from the Dinning Room to the living room area with that Pantry Window on the left, and you can see the walk around fireplace hood/tube extending to the ceiling. Way back there behind the Entertainment Center you can make out part of the entry foyer that leads down to the Master Bedroom and Bathroom:

    There is also of course a full Guest Bathroom in the main suite. And further back around the corner from the Dining Room is an adjoining door that leads to another full bedroom and bath.

    Just an incredible suite.

    Anyway...I'm posting this little tour for two reasons. One...I just happened upon the photos. Two...the Wrather Suite has been renamed the Marina Suite and is right now going through a major (and needed) refurbishment. So I thought now would be a good time to share some old photos of this historic suite that for most of its life was named for the original owner and builder of the Disneyland Hotel...Jack Wrather.

    Hope you enjoyed your brief stay.

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    Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

    Wow...thanks for the tour
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      Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

      WOW! Thank you so much! Please, if you find more pictures, post them! This is like one of my favorite things I ever saw on these boards. I don't know... something about the Disneyland Hotel... I'm just so intrigued.


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        Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

        Wow! Those are really cool pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!


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          Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

          Wow! Talk about Disney magic...
          "To all who come to this happy place, welcome!"


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            Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

            Wow - I can't wait to see it after the refurb! Thanks for the pictures! And lucky for getting to have stayed there!
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              Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

              So awesome! Very vintage! Thank you for letting us in to check it out. It is HUGE!!!


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                Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                Here's a link to the room currently.
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                  Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                  Pretty amazing tour!


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                    Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                    As with most hotel rooms, it's more comfortable looking in the vintage shots, but I'm sure much more sellable with the renovations. I hope the "sun room" still turns!

                    Thanks so much for posting this. I stayed in the Sierra Tower recently and looked over and saw that open space and wondered what that suite was all about.
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                      Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                      You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Opus1guy again
                      Most excellant tour. Thank you sir!
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                        Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                        Quite the suite for entertaining guests and having meetings, Thanks!
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                          Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                          Cool thanks for the pictures glad to hear its getting a refub it needed it compared to todays standards in rooms but it was very nice none the less.

                          I stayed in that room of 6 nights back in 2002 theres also some cool art work on the walls and the patio was my favorite part. Oh and theres a kitchen in there too but no microwave but the concierge louge made up for it

                          Ill try digging up the pics later
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                            Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                            Very cool, it is sooo 70's. Thanks for sharing.


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                              Re: Disneyland Hotel Wrather Suite Tour

                              Originally posted by Goin2DL View Post
                              Very cool, it is sooo 70's.
                              Yeah. But it had been refurbished several times by the time of those particular photos (2000). It did have the Disney art work of the major refurb of some time earlier, along with much newer furniture and coverings. You should have seen it back in the earlier years after it was built!

                              But even in 2000 after those earlier refurbs, you still got that 70's feel...sort of a Vegas/Del Webb type thing going on. And you could also tell by some of the little things in the suite that this was used as a residence for some time. I assume that perhaps the Wrathers maintained this suite for their exclusive personal use at some point. And perhaps later a few General/Resident Managers might have called it home for a period of time on occasion too.

                              I was up there again in 2004, and noticed that it had undergone another refurb, with mainly new upholstery materials and they changed the Master Bedroom a bit and reworked its closet and that wall. I noticed at that time that the Bar featured chairs instead of the stools shown in my photos.

                              The current refurb is supposed to bring the suite up to today's standards. But I hope they still manage to maintain a bit of the "retro" feel the suite has to it.


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