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Disney stole my cut! ;)

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  • Disney stole my cut! ;)

    Not really, but still! :P I forgot to mention this after watching the Christmas special. They showed the Parade of Dreams showstop which they shot last year and might have shown in last year's special too but I forget.

    This is what a certain section of it sounded like, taken from their broadcast,

    Now in June/July of 2005, I was doing a mozaic project for, and as part of my promo video I used the showstop theme. Here's a clip from it.

    Probably an obvious cut to make, I think mine sounds better cuz theirs has a little fadeout, I don't think someone heard mine and stole it but you can damn well bet I'm taking bragging rights on this one ;P

    /p.s. if anyone wants to see that promo video I made you can download it here

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    Re: Disney stole my cut!

    Your cut is so much better

    I was kind of unsure about what this thread was about until I listened to the first sample and heard the cut

    I wonder why they did it that way


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      Re: Disney stole my cut!

      The christmas special is all about fast action cuts without any slow pauses unless it's a celebrity singer solo, and since nothing really special happens during the slow part of the slow stop it's best cut out for their purposes.


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