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Engagement help.

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  • Engagement help.

    Hello all, this is Jim from the Animatronic Americans ( Gumball Rally). I am in need of suggestions ( positive please).

    I am planning a trip down to the park on March 23-25. I am planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I was thinking about the asking her on the balcony of the Disney Gallery.

    My questions are

    1. Do they allow this?
    2. Can I cal them and set something up?
    3. Any other place you would suggest other than the Wishing Well or Castle?

    What ideas does eveyone have?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Re: Engagement help.

    Jim, that is fantastic news!!! You can ask her where ever you want. Don't worry about it. But if you know anyone in Guest Relations or care to write a nice letter, they may be able to help you out a bit. This being the year of a million dreams, you never know what they may be able to do. I've heard some really heartwarming stories about things that were done by castmembers for people getting engaged.

    Best of luck to you on popping the question!!!

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      Re: Engagement help.

      call guest services inside disneyland, their number is (714)781-7290 and tell them the situation, they'll always make some type of arrangement for you if you ask politely

      Also, s after the Fireworks when they have the Castle forecourt blocked off, sometimes (most always) they'll allow you and your special someone under the ropes so it's just you and them with no crowds infront of the castle and you could ask her there...they also block off the area for fireworks over by sleeping beauties wishing well and you could do something there...but the balcony of the Disney Gallery is a great choice, call and ask and see what they can do for you!


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        Re: Engagement help.

        i was eating dinner at the blue bayou once, and on the table next us, there was a marriage proposal... it was very nice... the ring was brought out on tray from the waiter, so the guy definately did plan ahead...

        good luck!


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          Re: Engagement help.

          Thank you Dusty, I will do just that and send off a letter. It does not hurt to ask.


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            Re: Engagement help.


            That is a great idea also.


            Thank you also

            I know this was the right place to ask.


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              Re: Engagement help.

              Any time, we're here to help Disney is very fond of these types of things and will always help you out in an outstanding way! Goodluck to the both of you!


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                Re: Engagement help.

                Good luck and may the force be with you.

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Re: Engagement help.

                  Here is disneyland wedding web site
                  I have in my web Favorites
                  they also mite some hints
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                    Re: Engagement help.

                    Proposing during the fireworks is becoming a tradition this past year. It is an amazing way to propose, and the balcony of the Disney Gallery is PERFECT. Good luck with everything! She is a lucky gal to have such a thoughtful guy!


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                      Re: Engagement help.

                      If it doesn't have to be in Disneyland, I would recommend one of the beaches along the Orange County coast near Disneyland. That would be even more of a surprise because she will be wondering where you are taking her.

                      Read my post in "The New Sub Cave" to get an idea of a nice beach. Even nicer, go left instead of right on Ocean Ave. At the dead end park and you will see Little Corona beach ahead of you at the bottom of a bluff. This beach is absolutely beautiful. There are big boulders with the waves crashing against. Many local brides use it for their engagment and wedding pictures.

                      Or you can wait for the subs to open and take your pictures in front of those rocks.

                      Disneyland is cool. I wish you the best of luck no matter where you do it. This is just a suggestion, but good luck!


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                        Re: Engagement help.

                        i LOVE the idea of asking her to marry you on the balcony of the disney gallery. its such a breath taking view!

                        you must report back to us to let us know how it went after the festitivies!!!
                        kingdom hearts <3er


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                          Re: Engagement help.

                          If she says "no," wouldn't it kind of ruin the park for you?


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                            Re: Engagement help.

                            If you do it in the park, do it in the middle of Main Street in front of the bakery next to the Penny Arcade (the old Citrus House) during the fireworks. This is the best place ANYWHERE in the park IMHO to watch the fireworks. The perspective of the castle and the fireworks going off behind it is reminiscent of the old Wonderful World of Disney show and has got to be the best and most magical place to view it.


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                              Re: Engagement help.

                              I like the Disney Gallery better than after the fireworks. It makes for a better story and she WILL tell everyone.


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