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[Video] Remember... Dreams Come True (full show, with projections!)

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  • [Video] Remember... Dreams Come True (full show, with projections!)

    Finished this up last night.

    It's the full show, start to finish. It's edited from 4 different shows into one (to cover all those bad moments when you can't decide what to look at). Most of it is from a show last February, with some pick-up from this year.

    It has the direct audio track from the soundtrack CD (so, no fireworks sounds, but all the music and such sounds a lot better).

    I think it's a lot better than the Fantasmic one I did, so if you didn't like that, maybe this is better!

    (also, don't stop it when you see the bad camera angle in the beginning, that's only for the first 6 seconds. It gets better, promise).

    Here's the Google Video file, I'll have the direct-download link (in higher quality) up later for anybody that wants it. Thanks!

    (the embedded Google Video thing doesn't play things in widescreen, so it's a little stretched vertically here. Sorry!)
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    Re: [Video] Remember... Dreams Come True (full show, with projections!)

    Great video! I love it!
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