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  • Astro Blaster Beta

    Anyone try the astro blaster beta program that is online? I downloaded it but can't get it to work...

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    Yeah me too! It dosn't seem to load correctly. When I log on to my PC it will show that it's trying to connect. I need help too.


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        I just had a blank screen, my computer froze. After I rebooted the game loaded, but didn't connect to the Disneyland attraction.


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          my astro blaster seems to work. Although I had to download it twice. However, be warned, there are two endings to the ride (based on your ammount of points). Also, you can play by yourself with the two players in the park or with another person online and two people in the park. Either teams of 2 or 3. However, if you happpen to get a ride car that is empty your total TEAM score will be low, or if you get a car with infants. Also, the online portion is kind of laggy when you are on a team of four. The game has some bugs, but is still fun to play. Just try downloading it again. Sometimes it has problems installing.


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            GTame works beautifully on my computer, it's really fun too! Unfortunately it seems to take a pretty fast computer to work, it freezes if more than one person is logged onto my computer. I also have "blackout" times when it wont connect to Disneyland, it happens for like an hour a day I think it' on their end since this is just BETA.


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