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    So, Which celebrities have you spotted in DL? I don't mean the ones there for the gala events, posing for all the cameras and world to see. But the ones trying to blend in with the crowds, hoping not to be recognized. The ones who think a disguise will work but the disguise is so bad or they still have so many of "their" people hovering around them that you simply can't miss them.

    In the mid 80's while I was there on a school trip Michael Jackson showed up with a disguise sooooo bad it wasn't long before there was a mob of people around him and he had to be escorted out for his own safety. It was pretty funny. :lol:
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    I saw Rob Reiner, not much of a celeb, but he was there just hanging out with his family! Very cool!
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      I saw Michael Jackson there on New Year's Eve sometime in the late '80s, when he was hanging out with Macaulay Culkin. Actually, I heard Macaulay was in the park the same day, but I never saw him. I know they closed down the Starcade for Jacko to play video games there and stuff, and he walked around with his head down, shielding himself from cameras, ringed by TDA execs and Disney security (and probably his own cadre of bodyguards). It was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen.
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        Originally posted by Stinkersmell
        I saw Rob Reiner, not much of a celeb, but he was there just hanging out with his family! Very cool!
        Not much of a celeb??! He's only one of the best film directors around ever!! That's an awesome "brush with greatness."

        Mine would be about 15 years ago. I was with my sister, my niece (who was just a baby then), and a friend and we were in line on the Storybook ride right behind Nicolas Cage. So we ended up in the same boat with just his group and mine! He was with a girl and another guy... I didn't recognize them. It was funny.



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          I saw

          Yesterday I saw Hurley from the show lost walking through DCA


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            Back in the 70's they used to have Angels/Disneyland day. WHere you would pay one price and go to an Angels game then go to Disneyland. And after the game we were in line for btmrr and Rod Carew (former Angels player) was in front of us. That's the closest that I have been


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              There was the time I saw Woopi Goldberg. She had her kids with her and she was headed out of park. She was by the main gate.

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                One day when I was out at Rivers of America several weeks before May 5, I saw John Voight chaperoning a large group of teenagers. I think it was for some movie festival, but there was no press; just a guy with a camera.

                While I was on the Mickey & Friends Tram last winter, I saw Christy Carlson-Romano snuggling up with her A&F model boyfriend.

                This takes the cake: a week before May 5, I was sitting on the Tiki Room exit stairs, just enjoying my popcorn. Who else walks up but a cadre of celebrities: Mila Kunis (That 70's Show), Wilmer Valderama (ditto), Seth Green, and Macaulay Culkin. Sweet!
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                  Originally posted by mkyears
                  Yesterday I saw Hurley from the show lost walking through DCA
                  That's awesome, I love Lost
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                    Originally posted by mkyears
                    Yesterday I saw Hurley from the show lost walking through DCA
                    DCA? Definitely lost.
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                      I saw Lisa Kudrow with her kids. I also saw Danny Bonaduce. He was not looking so hot. He was with his daughter.

                      If you're on the lookout for celebs, just look for the Guest Relations people. They usually have one in tow.
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                        I saw the carpetner guy from the tv show Clean Sweep, I saw travis from Blink 182, last week I saw John Tesh and his wife Connie Selica!
                        Thes where all in the last few months! When i was in high school I saw Screech from Saved By The Bell!


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                          When I was about 6 or 7 my family and I spotted a then happily married OJ Simpson with his wife and kids. We were walking through the Disneyland Hotel to check out the shops when we past them up. I didn't recognized any of them, but my dad did and was all excited.
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                            One time i saw Santa Clause but i'm not really sure if that was him. And another time back..way back i saw Michael Jordan. When i saw him i yelled "You Rock Michael!!"
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                              Karl Malone last year. At 6'9" he's hard to miss.

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