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AstroBlasters troubleshooting

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  • AstroBlasters troubleshooting

    Hi all,

    Am I the only one that can't play Astro Blasters? I can play VMK just fine. I'm on a PC using WIN XP and the latest IE.

    I've installed Flash, but everytime I try astroblasters it says "Flash 6 not installed" and it tells me to install it or a higher version. Well I had 7. I uninstalled it and re-installed it. No dice.

    This happen to anyone?

    (Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place..I'm still kinda new here )


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    i have a problem installing the darn program.. and gave up for a while...


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      Dont feel too bad. i use a mac so even i wanted to play i couldnt
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        It acted really weird on my computer while I was trying to load it. It took over 40 minutes to load! (DSL) And it wouldn't work at all. I played the simulated game a little, but my mouse acted strange. I finally deleted it. Too bad.
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