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Ride concepts from a former WDI.

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  • Ride concepts from a former WDI.

    Former Walt Disney Imagineer Christopher Merritt, has come up with some great ideas for various rides that unfortunatly never left the drawing board. When you have a chance, check out his website at and see some of stuff such as the Critter Country 500, Discovery Bay, and the Nightmare Before Christmas dark ride.
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    Re: Ride concepts from a former WDI.

    I posted these concepts by Christopher Merritt back in May of last year in this now-locked thread: Unrealized Imagineering: Concepts that never saw the light of day.

    Merritt has some great ideas and beautiful concept sketches. Too bad none of them ever came to fruition.

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      Re: Ride concepts from a former WDI.

      I think that his ideas has merrit too. I think though that there could be greater development. I think that a smaller kids ride that featured the bears in some kind of road race could have been a great ADDITION to Critter Country. I would have like it to be built around the present playhouse location. Elevated tracks could have given some motion and activity.

      Discovery Island is a great concept, but as Disney found out with Pirates, the public really wants a Tom Sawyer concept. But I really think that a Discovery "Update" to Tom's Island would have drawn a new generation. I would have perfered a blend of Tom and Discovery.

      The walk for Big Thunder could have been a great smaller ride for younger kids. Instead of just walking by, put a small track for some action. That could have been put in close to Big Thunder.
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        Re: Ride concepts from a former WDI.

        Discovery Bay and Big Thunder Mountain walkway animals would have breathed some desperately needed life into Frontierland. Critter Country 500 sounds lame. His other stuff looks cool.


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