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  • Favorite attraction queue

    Write your favorite attraction queue. I have no been on Indy, which I hear has an amazing queue, so I am going to go with what was my fave queue, and it was the Rocket Rods queue (don't shoot me, but I loved that ride and its queue, but I only had to wait 35 minutes).

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    My favorite line would have to be for the HM. I love the attention to detail! There's always something to look at!
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        My favorite queue is Indy. Another fun queue is Roger Rabbit.

        (Side note MBC - I have an Indy video over at Visions Fantastic - the queue makes up a large protion of the video. That is, if you want to see what it looks like.)


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          Indy has to be my favourite queue. I was excited a couple of weeks ago when the spike room pole was working again! I hadn't seen that for a while.
          I also really like the Jungle Cruise when the lines are long enough to go upstairs.. that probably hasn't happened for a while though. I like looking at all the photos!


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            I also enjoyed the queue for Space Mtn (this was in 1999) for some reason.


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              Indy. When you finally go on it, take your time through the queue. Let the commandos by you as you take in the atmosphere and the "danger" that might lurk on the ride.

              Space comes in a close second, as you walk down, down, down, while a shticky video plays.

              Roger Rabbit is another "take-your-time-while-commandos-fly-past" queue.

              And, yes, HM is another great queue. Go to the graveyard and read the stones, even if the queue isn't there. Listen to the music, get into a foreboding mood.

              Splash is also a good mood-getter-into queue, as if you're entering a different place and time. Over an hour, though, and it can get tiresome.


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                Haunted Mansion. I always find something new to look at.


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                  Indy queue, No question is the best.
                  Second place is the HM.
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                    Well I didn't ride DL's Haunted Mansion, but in WDW, the queue was awesome!


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                      Indy que---
                      So interactive---it has all the attention to detail we have come to expect from standing in line at HM, ST, Splash, etc but times ten. The spike room is my personal favorite, glad they maintain it...would love to see them fix some of the original special fx...
                      Lastly my favorite hidden gem is at the very exit of the ride just as you are about to exit the cave---there is a tiny cavern above the exit...If you can lift yourself up or help someone up there--there is a skelton hidden in the above area---a gem few bother to look for!


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                        Indy is fun. I kinda like Jungle Cruise too. And HM is pretty cool. But can you include the inside queue...before you get "on the ride"(Doom Buggy)? That would make it the best. Space definitely gets you excited about getting on the ride. It's a build up.
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                          Indy is the most detialed and longest queue in and out of a ride I know of
                          Next is Space then HM.. HM always makes my arm hairs stand up at least one point on the ride. =)
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                            I like Buzz's queue.
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                              Heheh, the Indy queue takes you all the way down the length of Main Street and into Downtown Disney. It's often my last ride of the night, and I soooo wish there was a direct exit to the trams from there!

                              I love the Snow White queue for the really creepy Evil Queen incantation and curse in the small vignette window. It's scarier than anything in the ride, and a far more disturbing reading of the same lines in the movie.

                              I pity the poor folks who have to wait on the left side of the otherwise-wonderful Splash Mountain queue. Standby times measured in hours ruin this queue for those on the left, and fastpassers rushing by on the right, too breezy to even enjoy the queue, don't make things any better.

                              As has been mentioned, Roger Rabbit has another of the Park's great queues. Last time I checked, fastpass meant you skipped it altogether, and standby meant you were stuck in it forever.

                              Much as I use fastpass to the max, I frelling hate it. And it's ruined the effect of many of the great queues of Disneyland.


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