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Final Ward Kimball Locomotive Update (I hope!)

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  • Final Ward Kimball Locomotive Update (I hope!)

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    It will be good to finally see it!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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      Originally posted by Druggas
      It will be good to finally see it!
      I am just so happy and excited! I will be there Thursday evening and will certainly be scouting around for it!

      a walk around the park... Star Tours, Nemo, Fantasyland, Frontierland, DCA... and more!


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        Sooooooo excited to ride it! :bow:
        Thank you for the update!
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          I'll have to make it down there Thursday night as well! Look forward to seeing and hearing it.
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            oh man!!! i was going to try to avoid thursday because of grad night. i'll have to pop in for a little while now.

            my son is sooooo into trains. he was a disneyland rr engineer for halloween this year. they all thought he had the best costume!


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              Man, thats great! I wish I could be there Thursday.... Darn work.

              Steve, thanks for the info. I always look forward to your posts, and I'd been wondering when your next one on the Kimball was going to be.


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                Thanks Steve for the update, I will keep an eye out for more posts and pics of this train. Im really interested!
                I picked up your book but have not had a chance to read it yet, as Im reading something else at the moment.
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