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The Deal With Disney

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  • The Deal With Disney

    I am the Promotion Coordinator for 107.9fm KUDD in Salt Lake City Utah and I had recieved this in an email and thought it would be cool to share. I have always used Disney as a referance in how I do buisness. I know this relates to my job but it might relate to yours.

    oh, one quick thing, A "remote" is a live broadcast from a different location than the radio studio. example: "Wendy's Remote" means, broadcasting live from a Wendy's location. Mmmm... wendys.... sorry... now to the email...

    The Deal With Disney
    I just wrapped up another successful round of Street School, going from station to station and training in their summer hires. If all you do is just hand them a manual and tell them to read it, then you have only yourself to blame when you go to a Wendy's remote and everyone is standing around like stunned sheep, looking like they don't have a clue.
    During these mini-seminars with the kids, I find myself referencing Disney frequently. Why? Because they run a tight operation. They look good. Their employees (or "cast members") are schooled, professional and possibly the best customer service reps in show business.
    Which is an important reminder: we ARE in show business and these interns we have out there are our customer service reps.
    So, after 13 years of using the Disney analogy at Street School sessions, I actually found myself at Disneyland last year. And I was reminded of how on-target my lessons have been.
    • One of the things I always stress to the interns is to listen to the station. Why? Because people are going to ask them questions when they're out on the streets. There are ten questions a day that they'll be asked and those questions change every day. And if they don't know the answer to "What was the thing that Dave did this morning with the chainsaw at the golf tournament?" when someone asks them that at a remote, then they and your station are going to look like idiots. What I found on Saturday was that no matter what the question was, and no matter who I asked it to, they knew it and were able to be of assistance. Even if I was asking the parking lot tram driver about food options in Tomorrowland, he knew it. The "cast" are experts on their product.
    • People have a certain expectation when they come to one of our events. I mean, we ARE in show business. So, to come to a remote and see a dirty canopy that is held together with duct tape, an eight foot table with a sloppily taped up banner, and a bored intern eating pizza, doesn't match their expectations. And the litter. The refuse that seems to be drawn to our booths like moths to a flame. Empty drink cups. The peeled off sticker "backs". The little cardboard things that registration forms come adhered to and then are left discarded. And then you go to Disney. They have crews of people who do nothing but pick up litter. You'd be hard-pressed to find a piece of popcorn on the ground. Our events look like landfills compared to them. I was in line at one of the rides and quite a few families had left their strollers outside the entrance. A Disney cast member came by and arranged them into an organized line. This is the stuff I'm talking about. It's all in the presentation.
    • Glum Radio People. I think I'm going to rush out and (tm) that. It would be hard to go to a Radio promotion and not see dis-spirited, angry, sullen looking staff sitting around. After my Day@Disney I think that probably 95% of our promo staffs wouldn't make their cut. They hired happy, smiling, personable people. And it rubs off on you. Surround yourself with happy people and it's hard to not start smiling yourself. They greet you with a smile and they personally thank every single person as they leave the park. They wave at you from the rides. They're seemingly the Happiest Employees On Earth. Now, go to your remote this afternoon and see the difference.
    As I say when I do Street School, it's a rare occurrence for someone to go to Disney and then go home and say they had a crappy time. And it's because they have got all their elements nailed down.

    Remotes and sales appearances have become such a huge part of our promotional effort that they NEED to be tight. They NEED to look sharp. Go to Disney and see how it's done by the experts at this.


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    Re: The Deal With Disney

    That's a cool article! And a huge compliment to Disney. Not to mention a massive reputation to continually live up to day in and day out. I think they do a pretty admirable job at it given the incredible task they have to perform every day.

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      Re: The Deal With Disney

      Originally posted by jawnjarvis View Post
      I am the Promotion Coordinator for 107.9fm KUDD in Salt Lake City Utah and I had recieved this in an email and thought it would be cool to share.
      Wow, thanks goes out to KUDD for sharing the e-mail; giving us all something to "chew on" (ouch, bad joke--thanks, really, though for the post. Good one).


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        Re: The Deal With Disney



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