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Fantasmic Changes

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  • Fantasmic Changes

    What all has been changed/plussed/modified to Fantasmic now that its ended its hiatus? I know Peter Pan remains but I was wondering what all WAS tweaked. Thanks!
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    Re: Fantasmic Changes

    The floats (Jungle Book monkeys and Princesses) were updated with LED lights.

    UV in the case of the monkeys, so they and the leaves around them glow more than before.

    In the case of the princesses, the lighting on the outside of the floats has been updated. Each princess has a part of their song on the soundtrack. Previously all had static lighting. Now, each float's lights are blue until their section, at which time they light up in proper colors.

    Also, I noticed that the projections of Chernabog on Saturday were wierd-looking. It was like the water was clouding up at the edges, resulting in a look like it was being projected on a cloud rather than a water spray (hard to explain, but I got it on video). I don't know if it was intentional, just a weather thing, or something I just noticed. To my credit, the other members of my party noticed as well.

    For pics of the lighting changes, I have some in my TR thread from this weekend.


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      Re: Fantasmic Changes

      No story changes. Just the technical stuff, such as lighting and sound. The princess barge now has LED lights (which by the way, looks awesome!). Pinocchio has new strings that change colors. The dragon has a few lighting changes too. If you count the Mark Twain's new paint job, then there's another change. It looks even more beautiful in the show.

      Those are all the changes I've noticed, maybe someone can explain if I'm missing something.
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        Re: Fantasmic Changes

        Such an amazing show, I'm really glad to hear they didn't touch it except for technical things...that's exactly how it should be updated. Seeing Steamboat Willy driving the Mark Twain is just such a stroke of brilliance, it really hits me every time I see it, like the ultimate tribute to Walt Disney. That sounds REALLY neat how they "blue out" the floats until their segment plays. Does this look in real life as good as it sounds on paper? It really sounds like this update was worth waiting for. LEDs usually look much better (and brighter) in person so I'm really wanting to see the new floats now. I've always felt the Electrical Parade could do with some LEDs and fiber optics now that the technology exists. It would also save Disney some money on battery power since LEDs are so efficient.


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          Re: Fantasmic Changes

          I took some video this weekend (well, I directed the video, I was shooting still pictures at the time). Here's a quick 8mb clip of the princesses part. I apologize for the poor camera handling, I've since fired my cinematographer. It's a little blown out, but it's from the HD camera, so I guess it balances out.


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