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What DL attraction would you like to experience as a child?

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  • What DL attraction would you like to experience as a child?

    I just posted this on the WDW board, but thought it would also be interesting to see what people say about DL. (Especially for me, since I grew up in SoCAL and with DL.)
    We always seem to talk about which rides we miss that we rode as kids. Well let's do the reverse. Say you can suddenly be a kid again for a day and go to DLR as it exists right now, what are some things you would want to either experience with a kid's sense of bright eyed fascination, because the ride simply did not exist when you were little, and/or because you didn't go to the park(s) as a young child?

    Just curious what you all have to say!

    For me: I would love to re-experience the Matterhorn. It just seemed so much scarier as a child. Would love to feel that again. I would want to re-experience Fantasyland as a kid again as well because the rides would seem that much more magical. I also used to love playing in the caves of TS island. I remember freaking out my parents as I hid from them in the caves! hehe.

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