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Got my AP at the Disney Store last night.......

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  • Got my AP at the Disney Store last night.......

    ......... and was wondering if I can use the parking pass I got with it to park tomorrow? I'm going to get my actual pass itself tomorrow, do you think they'll accept the parking pass card I have before I get the actual pass? Its paid for and everything so I was just wondering.


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    When we got our Ap's that way we had to pay for parking and then they gave us a refund at the guest relations once our passes were done. That was I think three years ago though so it could have changed.


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      That is correct. You will get a refund...
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        Pay, go, refund! Have fun!!!
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          Definatly get the refund. When I got my AP at the park, we didn't know to bring the ticket, and when the booth CM asked us for it, we said we left it in the car-pretty sure with ourselves that that's what you're supposed to do with it (to prove you've paid and whatnot) and he said.."well, what did you think-that Mickey went around to all of the cars to check their tickets??" jeeeeez

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            I would show the voucher at the Parking Booth, if the CM accepts it, no worries... If the CM says you need to pay, then pay the $10, and make sure you bring your Paid Parking Receipt with you when you get the AP processed....
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              Welp the guy at the ticket booth at the parking structure waived me by when I showed him the AP I bought at the store, so that was cool. No refund needed. Must be a crapshoot if others have had to pay then get a refund.


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                Well now you are offically an APer. Congrats!

                This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                  Yeah, another happy :ap:
        's been a long time.


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