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Anybody going to the Hollywood Bowl this weekend? Celebrating Disneylands 50th ...

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  • Anybody going to the Hollywood Bowl this weekend? Celebrating Disneylands 50th ...

    I JUST found out about this, and wouldn't you know it's too late to get tickets.

    Anybody from here going to the Bowl on Saturday, Sunday or Monday? They are celebrating Disneyland's 50th and it sounds totally awesome.

    But, if you want to go, it will cost ya. Cheapest I found was $175 each from a broker. Why didn't I see this 2 months ago.

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    Are they completely sold out?

    Well, some friends and I are going to the July 2 show. I have many birthdays to celebrate that day besides Disneyland's.


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      clinksalot: One should always check in April. The July 4th concerts always sell out early

      Yes, I have tix for the 2nd. I'm sure I posted something about it a couple months ago, but here's my Hollywood Bowl tip:

      They have a "build your own subscription" feature where you can buy tickets to something like 7 concerts to get two free ones. The caveat being, to get the free tix, you have to buy tix at a certain price level or higher. What they DON'T point out to you is the fact that you can use "build your own subscription" to purchase that number of concerts in CHEAPER seats, thus foregoing the free bonus, but buying your tickets prior to the release of "individual seats" and the accompanying ticketmaster charges.

      I paid something like $86 for 7 pairs of tickets plus a one-time $10 charge. Compare that to buying later for individual concerts, not being able to get the cheapest seats (which do often sell out during the season ticket period), AND paying a ticketmaster "convenience fee" of several dollars PER ticket. Some seats at the bowl do not cost as much as the convenience fee, so it's a substantial savings. Plus, of course, you're guaranteed to get tickets to the shows you want to see.

      I know that's cold comfort right now (take heart, maybe someone will have an extra to sell you), but it's sound advice for the future. The Hollywood Bowl is a fantastic part of summer and should be experienced by everyone. (And if you do it my way, almost everyone can afford it!)

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        I may have a couple of tix that may go unused for Sunday's hollywood bowl concert, in the L1 section. Anyone's that's interested go ahead and feel free to PM me... I should know if they're available by Friday.


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          I have tickets and will be there on the 4th. Of course, we had to get tickets about 2 months ago.


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            We will be there July 4th. I was lucky to obtain a "garden box" for the evening. Drop by box #822 and say hello.
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              Yeah, I'm the type of person who waits until the last minute ... on EVERYTHING!!!

              I was talking to a friend here at work who is going on the 4th, and then looked and saw that it was all weekend. I knew before I looked that it was sold out.

              I didn't post this to try and get tickets, I was just hoping for a full report from those that are.


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                I will be there on Sat.



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                  I'm WORKING. Harumph.

                  I did get a chance to see the band in my avatar on Wednesday at the Bowl, though. So no biggie.
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                    Well, turns out one of my really good friends at work has cousin that works for a ticket broker ... so ... I 'might' be able to score some really good seats for Sunday's show at face value.

                    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!


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                      For those of us who won't/can't make it.. will someone film a little video for us? That would be awesome...
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                        Hmm... racking my brain now to remember if recording is disallowed....

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                          Good luck!
                          I had debated doing this - my parents would probably enjoy it - but they are not big planning ahead people so I knew it was useless to get a commitment so far out! Ah well! Those who are going HAVE A BLAST!!
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                            *Might* be able to get away with a 15-second clip or two, as my still camera can do them.... Dang, I wouldn't mind having a video of it! Something in the back of my mind insists that I can't possibly be allowed a video camera though.

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                              looks like all those going...have fun!
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