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ArmChair Imagineering Contest?

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  • ArmChair Imagineering Contest?

    Alright, here goes, not sure this is the right forum to post this in if it isn't mods feel free to move it (please not the litter box). Anyways, I was thinking these boards have some really intelligent people, not to mention some of the most imaginative people. So what would everyone around here think if we ran an arm chair imagineering contest? Would anybody be willing to participate would anybody be willing to judge?

    Here's my proposal:

    -Depending on how many people want to participate, we get 3-6 teams.

    -Each team will be given the same project, create DLR's third gate resort. From the theme to the attraction to the ticket to the location.

    -Each team will be given a limitless budget and must have all of their ideas ready to post in one post by a deadline.

    -Each team can use anything to present, maps, graphs or just descriptions.

    -After each Third gate has been presented, the non-biased judges (3) will be asked to think long and hard and to confer with eachother about what is the best park and what park will gather the most attendance.

    -What does the winner get? I'll buy the winnning team a package of sour balls or something.

    So is there any interest in something like this at all and most importantly would the mods have a problem with something like this happening on the boards? To me it sounds like fun, but it might just be a lame idea.

    I'd also like to point out that this might be a great idea to reduce some of the more tedious thread and keep all of those of us with a huge imagination busy from starting them. Plus it would teach us how to come up with our ideas WHILE working with others. Again, might be lame though. Who knows?

    (Again, feel free to move this thread if needed.)

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    ^clicky clicky^


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      Bob! I am in! I wanna be on your team though! We will need an artist for our side...I am a decent concept man and story creator but from there all I got are photoshop skills! Also your dance routine will be taught to every CM in the new park!


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        I'm in it, to win it!


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          mmmm.... sour balls the best balls of all..

          If you need a judge, I'm as impartial as they come.
          St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

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            I'm up for it.

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              I would love to participate on a team but I am afraid that I am not an artist. I could also be a judge if needed.


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                Count me in. I'm an awesome creative consultant, just ask all of my friends about the Hundred Acre Woods concept with a Pooh attraction inside CBJ that I came up with in 1990 (alright who stole my idea!!). :ap:


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                  Bring it on im in as well... shucks can i be on your team with the bob
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                    Alright, here's who I got so far:

                    Participats (15):
                    THE BOB
                    Ah Schucks
                    Modern Folly
                    Disney Fanatic Boy
                    Olympic Nut
                    Robot Pirates
                    the joshua lee
                    Uncle Remus
                    Mickey's Friend

                    Done by poll

                    NOTE TO Mickey's friend: You don't need to be an artist to participate, like I said you can use descriptions, because I'm not an artist either, I'm an idea guy. But I'll let you decide now if you want to be a player or a judge.

                    Alright, the reaction is good I like that. I'm thinking with what we have now we could do two teams but I would like to get more people to have at least three. And of course we need more judges. But let's see, I'll make the sign up deadline be Monday. And is everyone okay with project deadline being early August or do you think we need more time.

                    Ah schucks: you have yourself a partner.
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                      Hmm maybe a lil more time then augest
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                        Oh! Oh! Oh! Count me in....

                        I would like to participate too. I love coming up with new ideas for rides and lands. (Just a reminder.... Micechat is going down tomorrow) We might have to reconvene for Saturday!
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                          Originally posted by THE BOB
                          Alright, here's who I got so far:

                          Participats (6 so far):
                          THE BOB
                          Ah Schucks
                          Modern Folly
                          Disney Fanatic Boy


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                            Fixed! sorry!


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                              I'm SO In! not a lame idea at all! People say i'm a great artist. I'd never claim that, but I guess I can draw up a purty picture or two I'm great with ideas too. Count me in for sure.

                              p.s. I will be gone for the next 3 days with no computer. So I don't care what team I end up on.. anyone want to be on my team?

                              edit: I have an idea for how the judgeing could work... maybe when everything is completly done in a few months we could open a new thread with a poll that has all the teams ideas posted, and all of our fellow micechatters could vote :vogue: Just a suggestion, I don't know how well it would work...
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