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The Upper Level of Starcade

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  • The Upper Level of Starcade

    Okay, so I just had the privilege of riding Space Mountain on Saturday. Suddenly I began to remember one of my favorite "Disneyland Detective" cases from a few years back - before Space Mountain closed:

    What the heck is happening on the 2nd floor of Starcade? I know the arcade itself used to be 2 levels but that they closed off the top floor some years ago (I think it was just before I moved to SoCal). But why is the giant X-Wing fighter form Star Wars still hanging out up there? Why haven't they high-walled up the escalators? It seems like decent real estate to me. Also, wouldn't the X-Wing have been moth-balled a while back if the space was truly considered dead to Disneyland's Wicked Stepmother Cynthia Harriss?

    Just some curiosity getting to me, I suppose. I feel like they've just opened this enormous tomb called Tomorrowland and now we get to explore the artifacts left behind :ap: Well, hopefully the 3rd coming of Tomorrowland will revitalize the deprived land!
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    Re: The Upper Level of Starcade

    I dont know what they plan on doin up there. I remember all the old school arcade games were up there and not many people played. It was dead space before the closed it. An area were arcade games went to die.... The speed ramp was a lot of fun to run down though! I think that upper Starcade/Tomorrow Land Terrace are needs a big re-think. What I would do is make that area the loading and unloading for the PM 2.0 and turn the former loading Q into a show element since it was just too difficult to work in that area well. The PM track passes right behind the upper starcade area on its way into SM.


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