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Snow White and the Seven Kung-Fu Monks....

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    Wow. I know that it probably won't be the working title, or that it won't even be taken from the Disney rendition of the fairy tale, but the idea of taking a Disney cartoon, throwing in some cool action scenes, a lot of special effects and making it live action just sounds absolutely cool.

    Just think of the possibilities.

    I can think of something like 'the Vengeance of Cinderella,' where you have say Angelina Jolie playing the part of Cinderella, who has to fight her wall to the royal ball and then fight her way back to her house again after midnight. Morgan Fairchild can play the role of the wicked stepmother who coaches her two daughters, played by Nicole Kidman and Heather Locklear respectively, to kill Cinderella before the prince realizes that he secretly fell in love with Cinderella.

    There'd be Kung-fu, big-time weapons and lots of explosions. In the end, the stepmother and the step sisters die, and Cinderella gets her man.

    I'd pay to see that.

    Any other ideas?

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