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Any Disneyland collectible nuts here

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  • Any Disneyland collectible nuts here

    Hi are there any disneyland collectible nuts out there. Lets put it this way I have attained so much stuff that in buying our most recent home, the libary was the selling factor since it had floor to ceiling bookshelfs on two walls for my collectables. My husband cant understand why there are not books , with the exception of Disneyland books on the bookshelfs I try to stick to disney ceramic characters but have ventured into cookie jars , salt and peppers and framed lithos. anyone else share my addiction?

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    I have limited space right now, but my bedroom has one whole wall covered in maps of the park, about 20 of those little diecast ride vehicles hung around it in their packages. My wee litttle bookshelf is also pretty crammed with mostly Disney park stuff. Once I get my own bigger place, you can bet this collection is going to explode!


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      I, too, have book shelves filled w/ Disneyana memorabilia...I also have a tiny box/treasure chest (if you will) filled with all the cast exclusive things I obtained while working there.

      I save everything...napkins, guide maps, ticket stubs, receipts, stickers, confetti from the various shows held at the Fantasyland Theatre, etc.

      Some things I collect: antenna balls, artist watches (from NCT), still frames from feature animations, pins...of course
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        Add me to the list. I am looking for a house JUST because I have so much Disney crap (and other collectibles from around the world).

        They don't call me the Dusty Traveler for nothing.

        But now I'm running out of space to live in!

        - The Dusty One
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          I collect Donald figures, Donald mugs and Donald t-shirts. On the rare occasion, I'll buy something pricey that's 'retro Disneyland'. I also like collecting books on Disneyland. But with my $$$ being as it is, I haven't been buying anything lately.


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            At my house we have a Disney Collectibles Room. My Mom and Dad have eight Original Production Animatlon Cel. we also have a Haunted Mansion Hoilday attraction poster used in Disneyland in 2003.


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              Add me to the list, not just Disneyland though, just lots of Disney period.
              I have something like 28 Disney snowglobes
              Tons of Princess Dolls(from 10 years ago to 7 years ago, no new ones)
              Framed Malecifent poster
              Framed Villian's poster
              2 Mickey Phones
              1 Mickey Lamp
              Disneyland cup & saucer set from the 60's
              Partner's Staute
              a TON of Disney & Disneyland ornaments
              and a Disney musical Christmas clock set
              Quite a few mugs
              Shot glasses from "around the world" aka our WDW trip in '03\
              2 Disneyland plates
              And my latest addition, which I LOVE

              I think that's it, oh no wait, I have a couple of Huge park maps, but they aren't framed and hung up yet.

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                That is a great poster,
                I have a Mickey Mouse Piggy bank(1975)
                Villians framed,
                Autopia framed,
                Some 50's Disneyland guide books,
                Just a few for starters.
                1976 Guide book for the Bicentennial. It shows WDW AND Disneyland's Parades.
                Original Tiki Room Mug With the 1.00 Disneyland sticker on the bottom with Ca Tax. It has a Green Tiki Jewels in the eyes.
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                  I collect mostly Disney paper, park guidebooks, large maps, lobby cards, attraction posters, Mary Blair artwork, books and various other ephemmera from the parks during the 1960's. I hvae all of the guide books from the earliest to the latest including the rare Summer 1967 Guide. I've actually stopped buying so much lately and have been thinking about culling my collections and selling off what I don't need.


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                    I would have to say that RocketRodRyan has the best collectible of them all. That Disneyland Attraction poster for Haunted Mansion Holiday is a pretty good snag.


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                      Originally posted by Not Afraid
                      I've actually stopped buying so much lately and have been thinking about culling my collections and selling off what I don't need.
                      Ooh, an NA auction! I'd attend.


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                        Dsnylndmom thanks for the link to the bradford exchange print I think I will be needing one of those. I love my big figs, I have the earlier Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ones and the new Bandleader Mickey. I am most partial to my American Pottery Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


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                          You say Im a bitch like its a bad thing.

                          London BABY!!


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                            We collect mainly two things:

                            Those mini-snow globes. Most of them play music with a press of a button.

                            Sleepng Beauty castle items. so far our pride and joy is This castle.

                            Oh ya, and what ever is really nice that catches our eye


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                              On Main St.'s Crystal Shoppe there used to be a 2.5'+ crystal castle. I wonder if anyone ever bought that and if so...can they will it to me?
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