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Disneyland by appointment

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  • Disneyland by appointment

    I've attended some special exhibits at museums that have been so popular, that you actually had to pick a date/time. You would select an "appointment", order your tickets, and then, on such-and-such a date and a certain hour, you would show up to be admitted to "The Splendor of Tutankhamun" (or whatever). How about adopting this concept to the Park? With its popularity seeming to swell with every year, and management all too happy to just jam as many bodies in as possible (does the Fire Marshall have anything to say here?), how about reserving your Disneyland "seat" in advance? Just as you have to purchase tickets to a wildly popular Broadway show ahead of time, why not treat the Disneyland "stage" with equal deference? Likewise, popular camping spots are booked up for almost a year ahead! I know -- this could curtail those spontaneous, let's-just-stop-in-after-work-for-a-churro-and-a-spin-on-the-Matterhorn-type visits, but maybe there could be some sort of provision for those, too. Moreover, with more of an idea of the actual number of "reservations" being made for a given day, couldn't Disney then provision a more accurate (and ultimately more efficient) amount of labor/supplies to match the day? You then could more carefully control and/or reduce those early/late closures, CM overtime,
    etc. Now of course, the trick here is to actually set a cap of how many tickets to sell for a given day. And I suppose that as long as Disney can fit as many bodies in as possible, there isn't a snowflakes chance in you-know-where that this would ever fly. But gosh, I know that Disneyland is your land, but come on! I just think that a little moderation would go a long way. Besides, for most folks, Disneyland is indeed an event, a once-or-twice-a-year (dare I say, once in a lifetime?) vacation? If you have to reserve a hotel room a few weeks (or a few months) ahead, couldn't admission to the Magic Kingdom require the same amount of planning? Now what about those spontaneous sojourns? Well couldn't there be some sort of hybrid approach here -- kind of the whole "single-rider line" concept extrapolated to its extreme? I don't know, maybe there could be "set aside" x number of admissions, as a sort of "overflow" fund....but still calculated into the mix. The main point here is to abate the crazy, stuffed-to-the-gills experience. It's just too much!

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    Re: Disneyland by appointment

    I miss the private parties they used to have in the mid 90's.

    Your idea is cool, but as you said, a snowballs chance in....
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      Re: Disneyland by appointment

      IMHO, Disney is greedy and all they care is money and business. They just want to cram people into tiny spaces with little or no room to breathe.


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