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10th Anniversary Visit

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  • 10th Anniversary Visit

    October 9 marked a special day for me - my 10th anniversary of being cancer-free. Since my original prognosis was 2-3 years, I was feeling pretty good about making that milestone. I wanted to spend some time reflecting on the journey that brought me to this day. What to do? I was NOT going to work. A long bike ride? A day at the beach? A long hike? Soaps and a bottle of vodka? No, I'm going to Disneyland!

    I arrived at the park to be greeted by loooonnnng lines for the trams, so I set off on foot.

    Riddle: How many lift operators does it take to change a light bulb?

    First stop - Esmeralda to see what my future has in store.

    I was glad to read I 'will have a long life...' I also had a chuckle when she told me I 'will probably marry an artist...' My wife is an artist. FREAKY!

    Next stop - the wishing well to drop off a few wishes for family members that I've lost to this lousy disease since I was first diagnosed.

    Does Dopey look like he needs a potty break?

    Why the long face dude? You work at the Happiest Place on Earth!

    Half past June! Time for me to go on HMH.

    Then a relaxing spin on the Mark Twain. This guy was telling us to slow down.

    Good advice for all...

    Good news! The Grateful Dead was playing in Frontierland. So I sat for a short set: Mexicali Blues, Casey (Jr.) Jones, Sugar Magnolia Gardens...

    One of my annual traditions is to have a margarita to toast my completion of another trip around the sun. I'm very superstitious, and I don't like to turn down a margartia. So off to Tortilla Joe's via the monorail...

    BTW: I'm not a big fan of turning the monorails into skyway billboards. Bad show in my book.

    After the marg, I stopped by DCA for a spell.

    Soon to be on Ebay?

    What did Daedalus say about flying too close to the sun?!?!
    (I've melted wax to fix my wings.)

    It was a warm day so I chilled in the Animation Building.

    I will beat the odds
    I can go the distance

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

    BTW: If you have not seen the Toy Story Zoetrope it is worth the trip.

    With the day winding down, I took a final spin on one of my all-time favorites.

    (That would be Space Mountain, not Honey I Shrunk My Imagination.)

    I asked this guy for directions on the way out.

    Thanks for everything Walt.

    Until next time...


    (I would like to thank all of the wonderful pictures that did not make this report. Perhaps next time...)
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    Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

    First of all CONGRATS on your MILESTONE:yea: WAY TO GO

    Awesome news.. and what a perfecft place to celebrate but at DL...

    Your TR was wonderful.. I love the pictures

    thanks so much for sharing

    and congrats once again my friend

    Friends for life


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      Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

      great report, and what a wonderful way to celebrate.
      Thank you for sharing, it made me laugh.
      Most often found at a theme park


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        Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

        Thanks for sharing your report and your health. Loved your pictures but this is now one of my favorites of all time:



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          Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

          Congratulations on your milestone.. your TR had me tearing up... I especially <3 the hercules quote. Thanks for the report.
          <3 Chloe


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            Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

            I agree with Pratt, awesome picture.

            Congrats on a fun day and an awesome milestone!!!


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              Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

              Love the pictures and your humor. Congratulations on the milestone. Margarita? I'll drink to that.


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                Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                Congratulations to you! All the best for many many happy and healthy returns!

                and thanks for the pics!


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                  Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                  Congratulations on the milestone, I loved the trip report, you have a photographers eye...are you sure your not the artist in the family?


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                    Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                    Yeah to you! You are a survivor and you deserve to go to Disneyland!!!!!

                    Thanks for the pics!
                    Foolish Mortal


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                      Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                      Awesome trip report. Thanks for sharing your wit and your wonderful photographs. Congrats on 10 years!

                      Our revels now are ended. These our actors, As I foretold you, were all spirits and Are melted into air, into thin air: And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. mycroft16 on Twitter


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                        Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                        Congrats on your 10 year milestone!!! I wish you many many more. Great pictures too.


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                          Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                          your picture comments had me cracking up!!!
                          congrats on #10!!!


                          not a kid and still love DISNEYLAND??

                          OF COURSE I DO!!!



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                            Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                            Excellent trip report! Congratulations and blessings on your recovery and a long life ahead.

                            Your pictures and captions were fantastic! Great job.


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                              Re: 10th Anniversary Visit

                              Well done. Here's to the next 10! (I'll raise a glass in your honor on Margarita Friday)


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