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17th staging line in DCA details

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  • 17th staging line in DCA details

    Update is in the 3rd post.

    Just spoke with a CM at the information booth in DCA and got the following information:

    * In the nominal case, DCA will not open until the security close-out of Disneyland is complete.
    * Due to the expected straglers tonight, this is estimated to happen at around 3AM, but it highly flexible. The CM wouldn't say what the typical security close-out time was.
    * However, if the Fire Marsial deems the crowd in the Esplanade to be a fire escape hazard, queueing in DCA will begin early.

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this.
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    Re: 17th staging line in DCA details

    thank you so much for posting this . . . i was just about to ask the question, but you already answered it


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      Re: 17th staging line in DCA details

      Appears plans have changed a bit. They now seem to be lining people up OUTSIDE the central esplanade. Here's the head of the line:

      the line goes back about half the length of the tram lane and turn around (links to a big version):

      Despite this, there's far more people staning around the hub than there should be:


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        Re: 17th staging line in DCA details

        Oh wow! Pics already! Thank you...! As an East coaster living vicariously through those of you there for the 50th, I'm impressed!


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