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  • Midway Games

    I'm sure this has probably been asked before but...
    Do you think they should just close down the midway games and get on with their Victorian overlay, while Midway Mania is being built.

    If they leave the games as they are and midway opens, it'll be a strange transition.
    I know the midway games overlay wont take that long.
    But do you think they would/should do that?

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    Re: Midway Games

    Well, they are going to retheme to Disney Characters, I dont know if that will help so much though
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      Re: Midway Games

      before Midway Mania opens, the facade work on the rest of the boardwalk will most likely be complete. You can already see that work has already begun if you look by the Fishing Game.


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        Re: Midway Games

        Never liked the Midway games in the park.
        It looks cheap and takes up space.
        I'd like to see them go

        So why not,
        close them up and get on w/ the face lift.
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          Re: Midway Games

          The only game I like is the dolphin racing game. When I was a kid I spent hours learning how to win that type of game, so I usually come away with a stuffed animal. Of course, I could have bought a similiar stuffed animal for less, but.. but.. I was a winner!

          ...Bah. The games could go. That way I'll have three bucks to spend on a churro instead.


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            Re: Midway Games

            I don't know. I kind of like some of the concepts for the new games.


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              Re: Midway Games

              Get rid of the Midway Games......if I want to play them, I will go to Knott's or Magic Mountain.
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