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8 Days of Resort Fun!

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  • 8 Days of Resort Fun!

    This was our fifth actual Thanksgiving Day trip to the Resort. What a GREAT time!

    Perfect weather, great friends and plenty of Tiggerific memories!

    Our week went from Wednesday thru Wednesday. We also enjoyed Legoland (with Wolfette), Knott's and USH during our trip.

    We started out by enjoying our Thanksgiving Day meal with the Wolfpack at the DL Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. What a Feast! We then watched Enchanted at the theatre in DTD. Enjoying the Feast and catching a flick has become a nice tradition for our T-Day vacation.

    The Park was all decked out in its Holiday best. And the fireworks and snow capped off a few of our evenings. Great show! The Castle is awesome! We also enjoyed IASW light show a few times. Neat!

    We got to enjoy a trip on the Lilly Belle (three times actually). The official one was for my son's 16th birthday. He collected his ticket from City Hall and away we went. VERY nice. I guess it's no big deal now to get to ride the LB. As we were waiting to board (with ticket in hand) another family came up and asked if they could ride it. No ticket, no nothing. The CM said, "sure wait over there". After the ride, I asked him about it, and he said that pretty much if anyone asks, and it is available, they can ride it. Ticket or not. Actually, he said, the ticket is just a novelty item, and is not required to ride the LB. Just ask!

    Our favorite band, Sandbox, was playing at the TT for the w/e, so we caught their shows. We knew they were scheduled to perform during our trip, so the kids made up some fan t-shirts to wear during their performance. They were a hit with the band! In between sets, each member came out and signed the t-shirts and took some pics. They said that they really appreciated the effort. Tomasina also wished my son a happy b-day in between songs. I think he was a little red-faced. hehe

    We enjoyed meals at the Blue Bayou, Carnation Cafe, Storyteller's, Goofy's Kitchen, Cafe Orleans, Bengal BBQ, Red Rockets and a few others. All were yummy!

    We had a few celebrity sightings during our trip. The most famous (right now) was the kid from Hanna Montana, he plays Oliver. Mitchell Musso (sp). His family and a Plaid enjoyed their meal at the table right next to us. As they were leaving, the kids said hi to him. He looks exactly as he does on the show.

    We noticed the K-9 trailer parked near the Tram area. No one around it, and no dogs in it. I guess they had it there in some sort of feeble attempt to discourage terrorists or others from trying to pull something. Yeah, right. Like that is going to stop them...

    We had our first break-down on Indy. Unfortunately, it was in one of the most uneventful spots. The bug wall area. We were stopped for about 10 minutes. The lights came on right after our vehicle stopped. We were actually hoping to have to walk off of the ride, but no chance. The lights went down and the ride resumed. They let us ride again, without having to get off and re-load. Cool experience.

    Got plenty of Christmas shopping done. Our Excursion was filled to the roof on our way home. Hardly enough room for the kids!

    Well, another fine T-Day trip under our belts. We're already looking forward to next year!

    Here are some pics.

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    Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! Glad you had another great Thanksgiving at DL

    Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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      Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

      Oh noes, I can't see the pics!

      I bet it was fun though!


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        Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

        I got a picture of that K-9 trailer too.

        I'm sure its for other things then just sniffing for human remains on attractions.
        Glad you had a another great time!
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          Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

          Wow you guys look like you had fun thanks for the pictures. I bet the turkey smelled good.


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            Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

            Went there last year for Thanksgiving My husband and I (6 mos. pregant) and we had a blast! starts to get you in the Christmas mood!


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              Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

              Glad to hear that you had such a great trip! Thanks for sharing with us.
              M A S E C A !


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                Re: 8 Days of Resort Fun!

                Thanks PM. 8 days of DLand fun sounds AOK with me.


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