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  • Golden Vehicles

    Samples of the Golden Vehicles!

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    Golden Train? Rumor has it.
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      hmm.... great computer gernated images/photo shope... seriously is that what they want them to look like??? Cause it does look a little cheasy.....


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        Originally posted by TicTocDragon
        Golden Train? Rumor has it.
        A shiney gold locomotive would be so cool!


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          I agree..they look a little gaudy. Can you imagine how many people are going to wait in line just to ride on the golden one?
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            We'll see if its true when the teacups come back from rehab.. it would be cool!
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              they wouldn't bring out a golden teacup this early- i'm sure those vehicles will be brought online at their locations on the fourth, when we're closed.


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                IF you have seen the gold lampost on Main Street now you would see the gold is really not that bad.

                The "preview" of how the lamposts are going to be looks BAD, jsut as in the pic above - so do not worry they should look nice in person.

                And as far as the gold TRAIN - I doubt it, I would guess a train car or the loco would be nice.


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                  Well, since I won't be waiting to ride a golden ticket, I can see enjoying them as a quirky, little anniversary thing.

                  Now, if they can just come up with a dozen more touches like that, they may have them a decent a 50th Birthday thing going.


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                    Those are too much golden.
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                      Even if just the Engine was gold. THAT would be really cool.
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                        Originally posted by Orcatime
                        Those are too much golden.
                        check out this thread over on mouseplanet:

                        You will see the same BAD looking concept art for the lamp posts and a real-life photo of one of the tops of the lamp posts that at least to me, looks very nice.

                        This is assuming the gold in the real life phot is the gold they are going to use - I really hope so.


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                          I think the lamp post looks really pretty.

                          I like the idea, I am back to agreeing with ISM in as I think it's a fun quirky idea.

                          I'm sure my youngest will want to "wait for a golden one" once I can see, after that, it's "we get the car we get" mean mom, I know

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                            Originally posted by dsnylndmom
                            I'm sure my youngest will want to "wait for a golden one" once I can see, after that, it's "we get the car we get" mean mom, I know
                            LOL - I can see the wait for the gold one, especially if they put one in rides like IASW and POTC.


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                              As far as a gold train, I went to the Chip and Dale Pin event on the 3rd (yes, Im a pin freak), they had a ton of concept art for pins coming out for the 50th (I believe someone counted over 400 but thats another story). Anyways, they will have a series of Pins of the Golden Ride Vechicles. They had a pin of Mickey in a gold Engine which looked really nice. Then when I started asking about more info about those, he told me that they were planning on painting the engine gold but about 2 weeks before that point (so about 3 weeks now), they changed their mind about the engine so there wont be a gold engine. He told me that they were still trying to figure out what to do with the Disneyland Railroad but havent made a decision yet that he knew of. This info was coming from the guy resposonable for auctally ordering the pins to be made.

                              I cant remeber all the others I saw but besides the ones pictured above, I defently remeber seeing a golden Jungle Cruise boat and I think a Casey Jr one too.

                              Interesting thing to point out, is I thought the gold was for Opening Day attractions. Dumbo Opened about a month after opening on Augest 16, 1955 and Casey Jr opened about 2 weeks late.


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